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How Much of The Day Does Funshine Take Up?

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  • How Much of The Day Does Funshine Take Up?

    I hate to start a new Funshine thread, but I hate to hijack someone elses. I am currently making my schedule to send to DCFS, but I have no idea of the time involved in carrying out the curriculum. So, lets say I plan to complete the curriculum each month, how much time is spent on it each day?

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    My kids are mostly younger (>2.5 years), so I pick and choose what I do each day. Circle time (when I do any of the group activities that I feel are appropriate) lasts 15 minutes, and craft/worksheet/science time lasts up to 30 minutes (but the younger ones only take 5 minutes or so with it). Prep for me is about 15 minutes each morning after breakfast.

    I'm sure with the number of activities listed for each day, you could probably fill the entire morning if you wanted ...

    Hope that helps!


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      Thanks so much! It helps a lot!