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  • Am I Doing the Right Thing?

    I have a temp family + my normal family for 6 more days and my day care stint is done.

    The new temp family sends 4 children in the morning, and 2 of them leave after 3 hours for summer school. The 2 year old is attached at the hip to her older sisters...cries for mom and sisters constantly, and screams when my children or I look at her, go near her etc.

    I decided I will not answer her questions of : Is mommy at work more than once per day, after that I ignore her when she asks. Also, I have been keeping her separated from her sisters (they are MUCH older and instantly cater to her crying and tantrums, constantly tell her she's a little princess etc.) which pissed her off BAD. I made her sit in my lap kicking and screaming, and told her she may get down and play in the toddler room IF and WHEN she calms down and stops crying.

    Now when her sisters come in the room, she instantly starts screaming / crying / tantruming because she knows they will coddle her. I tell them to please go play with the older kids and let me handle the little ones. I tell the little girl no, sit her on the couch with a book or 2 and she's fine once the sisters leave. I explained that if they ignore her crying and questions she will stop, and she will be fine.

    My question is:
    Since this is only a temp family (6 more days) should I even bother to work with her? It may do good for the next week, but that will all change when they start going to their Aunts house for regular care. I know it's the right thing to do if I was keeping them on a permanent basis, I'm just unsure because they are not with me much longer.

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    I would continue with your routine. If you don't do that with the other kids, I wouldn't do that with her. Even if it's just another week, that is a week more of adjusting she will have experience with, IMO.

    Are her sisters school age? If so, they won't be around anyway when the school year starts.


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      Honestly, if the 2 year old is acting this way, nothing you are going to do with her is going to last after she leaves your care. If she were a long-time-permanent client, then working her out of her tantrums would be in everyone's best interest.

      However - for only 6 more days-- just do what you have to do to preserve your sanity:-)):cool