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  • Advertising and Licensing Question

    I'm in the process of getting my license. I should have it by sept 1st or mid sept at the latest. My question is when should I start advertising. I don't have any kids line up yet. I haven't told that many people because I currently work at a daycare center. What are your thoughts and opinions?

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    I would definately start advertising now - it takes awhile to get the word out there and get interviews set up - and a lot of my calls or emails are looking for care in so and so month - not right away. I got my license in the month of may and I was advertising and interviewing months before that - just let the families know that I would be getting my license and they can call the county to verify.


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      Definitely start promoting now. I got my license 3 yrs ago come this september, and it took all the way to November to get my first kid in, and then January for the second. Those were the easy spots too because in CT you cannot have more than 2 kids under 2, so those filled up quick.

      I know for CT at least you cannot promote in the newspaper until you are licensed, but you can certainly use other resources like posting in the grocery store, libraries, word of mouth now.


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        Forgot to add

        I forgot to add that partly why i have advertised yet is that the room I will be using for care is not completed yet. I put any addition onto my house so we are currently sheetrocking, putting the floor in, and bathroom and kitchen room. I feel like I have nothing to show parents until it is completed. So that is my reason for not advertising yet. It will be done by september.


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          I would still start won't get calls right away - you might not even get a call until after september. I can go months without a call and I can get a a few calls a day


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            I would personally wait until the room is finished or close to being finished. When parents call, they are going to expect a meeting/tour and I would prefer to have my room done before people saw my house. But that's just how I am .


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              If you have an idea of when your room will be finished, I would start advertising that you will be holding an open house close to that time. Set a date, and then schedule families who are interested in touring your program. On the day of the open house, pass out your handbook and an enrollment packet and offer a small discount on the first month of care for enrolling at your open house or within two days of your open house. I would set up a website now, with your philosophy of care, your policies, etc. and then just put a "coming soon" page for pics of your environment.

              Good luck!