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  • OMG, Did This Just Happen....

    My three year girl pooped her pants and instead of telling me she went in the bathroom used half a roll of tp and flooded the bathroom and my hallway. I was cleaning up the flood when the girl pooped her pants for the second time. It was all over my carpet, running down her leg. Completely gross. So I turned around to grab more clothes out of her bag so I could give her a bath. The room was just accross the hall. I turn around and the girl was laying in the freakin pee water that overflowed from the toilet. Ahhhh, are you kidding me. Poop everywhere. I threw up, I couldn't help it. That was so a first....

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    That might be the worst Monday story I have ever heard

    I hope your day got better after THAT!


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      Oh my God. Ewww...

      Here's to hoping your afternoon is much less gross. Is she sick?


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        OMG. That's awful! I'm so sorry! If it helps, you just made my day seem a little less awful in comparison! Hope it gets better for you!

        Oh, and I second it - is she sick?


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          I agree:

          "And the Worst Way To Start Off A Monday Award goes to. . . . gbcc for the poop in the hallway story!" (applause applause applause)

          Seriously, kids can be completely gross . I really hope your day got better after that AND, on the bright side, now that you've gotten that totally disgusting episode out of the way first thing Monday, the rest of your week should be a breeze !



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            OH WOW! That is truly an awful Monday story! I'm so sorry!


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              Hands down...

              that is by far the WORST Monday in the history of daycare stories!!!!!

              I would have puked, too! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

              I hope the rest of the week goes smoother for you!


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                I see little people.


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                  One of my parents called to chat on her break. I just had to tell her what happened! We have become friends over the years. Didn't she bring me a bottle of wine and a can of febreeze!


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                    OMG!! I must say that I've never had anything this gross happen to me but I heard stories and so I don't allow my DC littles to flush the toilet. Can't remember who but someone here told a story about a pair of undies or something and how it clogged everything up and a rediculous plumbers fee. I flush it for them from then on ... eww gross. My vomit would have been all over the floor also. Did you get the toilet unclogged???


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                      Oh goodness!! It's stories like these that make my day feel a little less stressful, LOL. I hope you got it all cleaned up. When it rains, it pours!


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                        YUCK! I hope your day got much, much better!


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                          I wanted to throw up just reading this. Ewww

                          Three things: I don't allow kids under fourish to go potty by themselves.

                          I don't allow any kid to flush.

                          Whenever a kid craps their pants sit them on the potty right away even if they have poop on their legs.

                          The majority of time a kid poops their pants there is more to come. Sit the kid on the pot or little kids potty and let them sit for a good ten minutes.

                          Oh and you win for the most disgusting day care story ever. Congrats


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                            OMG!!! Yep, you win, hands down! Since I am pregnant and extra emotional, I probably would have puked, then sat and cried about the whole incident for awhile. Then I would have texted my hubby and told him I deserve a massage tonight for the "crap" I had to put with today. Pun intended.


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                              I did get it all unclogged and cleaned up thanks!