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Do You Think This is Too Much Time Off?

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  • Do You Think This is Too Much Time Off?

    My new family consists of a mom who is a nurse & also goes to schoolp art-time & a dad who works for the state & likely has many holiday days off. Do you think I am asking for too much time off? I do not ask for payment when I am closed or for holidays. If you were the parent would this seem like too much? Here's my time off for 2010-2011 school year:

    Provider's time off:

    Provider will be closed the following days for the 2010-2011 school year. If you are not off work on these dates (some are holidays), please make advance arrangements for back-up childcare. I do not require payment on days that I choose to be closed or days I close because of illness in my family. On weeks with holidays/vacation days I will pro-rate your weekly fees.


    Labor Day
    Thanksgiving Day & the Friday after
    December 24th (Friday) - December 29th (Wed)
    Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    President's Day
    Memorial Day
    July 4th

    Vacation Days:

    October 14th, 2010 & October 15th, 2010 (Thursday & Friday)
    I will take 2-3 days off over my children's spring break (typically this falls at the end of March/early April, I will let you know the exact dates by January 2011)
    I will be closed @ 1 1/2 weeks in July, 2011 (more than likely July 11th-20th, 2011)

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    Nope, sounds fair to me! Especially since you aren't charging...


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      I don't think so. I have 12 paid holidays, 5 paid sick/personal days, and I allow myself 3 weeks unpaid vacation.

      I have been in business since September and have only taken 5 vacation days so far. I am taking a week off in July and will probably extend my Labor Day weekend but that's it. Even if I don't take the vacation days, I like to have the option to do so. You never know what might come up.


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        I take 10 paid holidays then I have it written in the policy that I can take up to 4 weeks vacation during the yr which is not paid. I have yet to take the full 4 weeks off but I have it in case I need to use it. I also let them atleast 2 weeks in advance when I take time off. I try to give them more then 2 weeks but that does not always happen.