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Child Injured On Summer Camp Van

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  • Child Injured On Summer Camp Van

    Hello every one today my son was dropped off by the summer camp van with a huge egg shaped bruise on his head !! I asked what happened and the driver said that he was sleep on the van and fell off the seat. I took him to the hospital and had him looked at and thank God he will be OK.

    I really want the summer camp to pay his hospital bill. Do I have a right to get them to pay ?

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    I would think so. Sounds like he was not properly buckled in.
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      they probably will have to pay, but for future reference...

      head injuries aren't serious unless the kid starts vomiting or bleeding from the ears minutes after the impact.

      my son when he was 2 jumped off the couch and busted his head on the corner of a table - his head swelled up HUGE and started bruising/bleeding. the doc acted like it wasn't serious. so, i asked him, "how DO you know when you should take them to the doctor," and he said....if they start vomiting, eyes rolling back in the head, bleeding from the ears.

      second time - my son was 3 - he fell out of a tree he was climbing in the back yard. he had a HUGE knot on his head even though it didn't break the skin. i tried to rem. what the doctor said, but i called ask-a-nurse to be sure -and she said the same thing.

      then, i was watching a ONE year old just a few weeks ago and he landed on concrete after falling a couple feet. his mom, a nurse, told me the same vomit, no eyes rolling, no blood from the ears = OK.

      doesn't matter much now cus u already took him to the doctor, but it's good to know for next time - and there will be a next time.


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        I agree with michael, if it was negligence on their part they should foor the bill. If it was one of those that has no seat belts (like a school bus) then I'm not sure but you could bring this up to them.