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WOW. Is it Friday yet?!

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  • WOW. Is it Friday yet?!

    Okay, this morning we took the kids out and played on the slip n slide and in the sprinkler. Monday they played for 2 hours. Today, ten minutes and we had fight after fight after fight. We sat the fighters in time-out (in the shade) to watch everyone else get to play. As soon as they got up, they'd fight again...and off they went to time-out. We finally got tired of it and dried them all off and got dressed. ALL DAY LONG they have been fighting, arguing, yelling, bossing, ignoring the teachers, EVERYTHING you can possibly think of. I don't know what to do anymore! I know part of my frustration is that my house was supposed to close today or tomorrow (after we put our offer in on MARCH 25) and now they've decided it MIGHT be next week. UGH. Anyway, I've got two dck that are going to be playing alone this afternoon because they won't quit bothering everyone else. One is two, the other is FIVE. Any other suggestions besides making them play alone for the rest of the day??? This is getting RIDICULOUS.

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    wow your house sounds like mine this whole week. I have one dcg who is five and coming for the summer and is the biggest brat. I can't take it when you do all this stuff and they fight or don't enjoy anything nothing is ever good enough. Sorry to vent to you but it is almost Friday hope your day gets better


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      It has felt like Monday every day this week! Ugh. Can not wait for weekend!!! I feel your pain, totally!


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        I have the opposite this week..... I am bored stiff!!! LOL!!

        Between Grand-Parents wanting to keep dc kids for a couple days (insert huge smile and a big "awwwww" ), my kids spending time at the skating rink/pool with hubby and dc parents taking their kids on vacations.... I am a bit lonely...::

        We will be back full-force Monday, though!!! "Grandma-itis" will have them all whiny, clingy, bossy and otherwise terrible.... Makes me feel loved...hehe!

        I really do love that I have such close-knit families, recently....wish it did not take having sick kids for families to appreciate every minute, though.... (not intending a generalization, just what I have personally witnessed in my life... )

        Happy Friday, everyone!!!


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          IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY! But it feels like it should be Saturday. Even my own two kids got up this morning and thought it was the weekend!
          TGIF EVERYONE!


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            its Friday and I survive one week of summer vaction how many more weeks to go? I'm going to enjoy the weekend I need to relax