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Child Sized Table and Chairs?

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  • Child Sized Table and Chairs?

    I am just wondering where everyone got their child sized Table and Chairs? I am looking at adding this into my daycare, but I am looking for something that seats 8-10 kids, sturdy, but reasonably priced! If you could post pics too that would be great and where you bought yours and how much! Thanks Megan

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    i actually found a huge farm style type dining room table at a garage sale (for $20!!!) it has white legs with a butcher block type top, so it matches my decor perfectly
    i had my husband cut the legs down
    to the height i wanted, and i bought a bunch of those plastic stackable lawn chairs from rite aid or kmart (i cant remember which...) i think they were 7.99 a piece. i leave the table out cause it matches nicely, and the chairs just get stacked and put away on the weekends.


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      Craigslist!! Our table seats 8. Got that and 8 chairs for $50


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        What did you type in to find it on Craigslist?


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          BJs Wholesale, Sams Club, Costco. I've seen adjustable height hard top tables that would seat 6 kids there. At the lowest setting it's perfect for 3-5 yr olds. I pd $60 for mine.