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Allergic Reaction to Medication?

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  • Allergic Reaction to Medication?

    Tuesday morning dad walks in with a very sickly looking 1 year old! Dad tells me the 1 year old went to doctor on Friday has an ear infection then back to the ER on Sat with 104 temp, he said yesterday meaning Monday he slept alot, but seems to be feeling better! I am looking at this child and wondering what in the world is wrong as he looks as if he was just hit by a truck! Dad leaves I take babies temp it is normal! He doesn't eat breakfast and just wants to be held, he is falling asleep in my arms so I lay him down early for his morning nap! I then wake him up at his normal wake up time! Usually as I walk in the room he pops up, but nope not this time his is sound asleep I pick him up and he is SOOOOOO lethargic, still not exactly sure what is going on I lay him down to change his diaper, he is awake, but doesn't really want to be! I open his outfit and find a rash covering his torso! I immediately call parents and they ask if they can come in the next 30-45 mins! I tell them I don't know he is very lethargic and covered in a rash and he is on antibiotics and I would guess he is having an allergic reaction!! I just told them to be here as soon as they can!! Dad walks in 1 hour after my phone call and takes him to the doctor! Needless to say Yep he is allergic to his medication he was on! Surprise, Surprise I know! Well they bring this pore baby back to daycare the following day! He is still covered in the rash and sooooo irritable and tired!! I guess my question is WWYD? He doesn't have a fever he is just cranky and so so tired, no appetite!! I don't have anything in my contract regarding allergic reactions, he is on Benadryl and I am sure this is part of his tiredness, but good grief this pore baby! Should I continue to keep him and just deal with it! I just feel so bad for him! I have a full house and I can't unfortanately sit and hold and comfort him all day! He is also getting like ALL of his teeth all at once, he is just flat out miserable!! WWYD?

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    I myself would call the parents and tell them it's just not working out today with the child being there. Tell them to bring the child home and let him rest today as you surely can tell it's needed and to bring the child back tomorrow if there is more energy there.

    It's honestly not fair to you or the other children. You certainly don't want to be holding the child all day and by doing that, you are not spending any time with the others. Good luck on whatever you decide to do, I would however call the parents.


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      *sigh* I just do not get it. Why would anyone want to send their child to daycare if that child is ill, suffering, and miserable? I know money is tight for everyone and that we all have bills and it's not easy to call off work and stay home with a sick child on a regular basis, but come on. One thing I have found out in my 35 years is that things usually work out (financially) somehow, someway, no matter how bleak it looks. Although minor things do not warrant staying home, this sounds like a miserable little tyke who needs "mommy care" during this very miserable reaction.


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        Honestly I feel like charging them DOUBLE! Grrrr I am just frusterated!! I feel sooooo sorry for this pore lil guy, but honestly I cannot give him what he is looking for and needing! : ( It is in the 80's here all week, we are outside the majority of the day and this is not easy with a miserable child! I don't get it!! I cannot make the other kids suffer and miss out while I give him the one on one he needs! : ( Just a tough situation to be in and toughest for the pore little guy!! I am just seeing this more and more and I know the economy is bad, but good grief these pore kids! They need to be loved and cared for when they don't feel good! : (


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          I always say when the kids are sick yes they love us to death but they need mom or dad when they are not feeling well


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            I've been in this situation before and I know the child is miserable. Plus, teething added on to it just makes it worse. I would just call the parent's if it were me. He needs TLC from Mom and Dad.


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              Yep, sounds like that baby need 100% attention and TLC. He's miserable, poor little dude. There's no way that I'd be able to give that baby 100% of my attention to one baby when I had other littles to watch. Normally if a child had an allergic reaction (or something that wasn't contagious) I keep them unless they are WAY too fussy and driving us all bonkers. If they are just miserable and only want to be held then I call and have them picked up.

              Just on Tuesday I had a DCB and he was fine and happy as can be. I went to change his diaper and when I lifted his onsie I realised that he had a really red rash on his belly. I took his shirt off and it was all over his belly, chest shoulders and back. But I also realised that it was only where his shirt touched his body. It stopped on his shoulders where the sleeves ended and on his belly where his diapey started. None on his arms, hands, face, legs or feet. It was obvious to me that it had to do with his onsie. I left it off and watched it without calling his mom. 45 minutes later and the bumps were almost all gone and there was just some redness left. Yup, mom had bought him new clothes (9 month old) and didn't wash them . But he wasn't fussy at all or itchy that I could see so I kept him. If he had been fussy, you'd better believe that I'd have had his mom here to take him home early.