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    I live in a split level house and have two dcbs that just turned 1 ontop of a handful of other children, I was just wondering how everyone gets all the kids in and out safely down steps!! I was holding both the babies today while bringing them outside, I tripped and fell (babies are FINE, but I took the blunt of the fall) Ouch, both legs are scraped and already bruised! I somehow need to figure out an easier way to transport these little ones from inside to outside and outside to back inside! It's not like I can leave one outside while I bring 1 in and all the way upstairs to the living room! Ugh, luckily I was the only one who got hurt, but I really need some advice! Thanks

    Also one of the little boys has been terribly crabby for like the past 2 weeks, he is getting a ton of teeth all at once, I am sure that is the reason for his crabbiness, but ontop of teething they brought him today with a TERRIBLE diaper rash, I can hardly get the pore thing cleaned up! : ( This child is in my care Tues-Friday and it seems to never fail, every Tuesday he has a diaper rash and it seems to get cleared up through the week, but it seems this is a never ending cycle of weekend diaper rash! I don't know what to do, but it is getting really frusterating! Today his diaper rash they told me he pooped in the middle of the night and got them up at 5am screaming, maybe that happened, but I think that happens every Monday into Tues! I just feel so bad for him!! What would you guys say or do? Thanks

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    I also have stairs. ALL children under age 3 go down the stairs on their tummy, feet first. I rarely carry one down. I insiste they do that till at least 3.


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      Since your home has stairs, the best thing you can do is teach the little ones how to use the stairs. They can safely start climbing up the stairs with you behind them, and all the kids can go down on their tummies teaching the younger ones how to go down the stairs. I have a tri-level so while we don't have to use the stairs to get outside, we do for using the restrooms and one of our playrooms as well. Since stairs are part of your enviroment, it is best to teach them young how to safely navigate them. I currently have 3-16 month olds and they have been safely using the stairs for quite some time.


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        I agree. Teach them how to do the stairs.


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          I taught my one-year-old how to go up and down the stairs when she was about 9-months-old. It is MUCH safer than carrying.

          As far as the diaper rash, I had a parent once who was constantly bringing their baby in on mondays with horrible diaper rash. I knew that it had to be a case of the parent just not changing the baby enough over the weekend because, like your situation, it would clear up over the week. I started telling the parent that I was very concerned with the rash and started recommending very expensive products that I "thought might help". I also kept recommending that she take the baby in to the doctor to check for an infant yeast infection. I kept this up for about three weeks of just recommending product after product (even though I knew she wasn't trying any of them) until she finally caught on that I wasn't happy with the diaper rash and started changing the baby more over the weekend. Like I said, it took about three weeks, but the baby was MUCH happier once the parent figured things out.
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