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Hello - CDA Needed in Washington State?

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  • Michael
    Licensing Standards for Family Daycare in Washington State

    Licensing Standards for Family Daycare in Washington State

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  • Jesus0
    started a topic Hello - CDA Needed in Washington State?

    Hello - CDA Needed in Washington State?

    Hello my name is Jesus Orozco

    I live in a small town named grandview in Washington state. Im going to be 20 in a month and currently married and have one 2 month year old daughter. Me and my wife have been married for 4 months now and we are about to move out of my parents house. My mom has an at home daycare and has about 12 children 5 days of the week and about 6 on the weekend. Since i have been 14 i have always helped her out with kids by looking after them, feeding them, reading books to them, doing activities, washing their hands, and much more. Growing up with a mom that has a daycare has lead to my love and care for children. My mom paided me for the hours i did with her and progressively got better with caring for the children. In the summers i would work with her full time and once i turned 16 i was officially a assistant at her daycare. I took first aid, hiv, behavioral, and cpr classes in order to get my certificate that shows i took the class. Once i was 17 i was able to care for 5-6 kids on my own while my mom cooked or when i took them outside for playtime. I know the stresses of being a daycare provider and i usually do alot of paperwork for my mom being that I am more fluent in english and computer handling. I am currently in college and this is my 2nd year in college and im about to get my AA degree soon after one more semester.

    Now here is my question.

    My mom and I were talking and my she wants to rent out one of her houses to me. She told me it would be a great idea if i were to open my own small daycare at the house im going to be moving into.

    I loved the idea of doing that and so did my wife.

    Now i was wondering if i were to get my cda, would the state of washington allow me to open a daycare at my house? I believe i am ready i have almost 6 years of experience with children and many training classes and my wife has about 3 years of babysitting her nephews and has taken some classes with me as well. Just for a remainder i have one baby daughter.

    Thank you for reading and i am excited to read your thoughts
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