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    Ok, So I've decided to hire someone to come in and work from 12:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday. I'm going to pay them $8 an hour so it adds up to $80 a week. This will allow me to get out of the house for a lunch break & get my allergy shots, go to doctors appts., etc. But, I don't know anything about this. I'm going to run a background check on them, have them get a health assessment and tb test before they are left alone with the children. I'm wondering if I can just pay cash under the table since it's only 10 hours a week or do I have to go through all the tax legal stuff. If I have to do the tax stuff what fees are there? How does this work? Please give me any info you have on this.

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    If you claim your taxes than you want to go through the hassle. I go through the gal that does my end of year taxes for me and it is actually very easy. Remember anything that you pay out is a tax write off at the end of the year. (ie. you get the money back)


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      It's a sticky situation....if you call them an 'employee' then you have to deal with social security (and the employers match), state and fed tax witholdings, and all that fun, workman's comp, etc etc.

      Now, if you call them an "independant contractor", that is all off your shoulders, but be sure you have a contract that they sign, and be sure that they really are a contractor.

      The IRS is really sticky on this subject,00.html
      Spouse of a daycare provider....which I guess makes me one too!


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        Pretty sure you'll have to take taxes out because you are telling her what time to be at your house each day...that makes an employee.

        I have to take taxes out for my assistant but I have my accountant do all that!


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          I worked very part time for a Home Health Equipment Company 2 evenings per week. I was an considered an independent contractor and I paid my own taxes. I had a schedule I had to follow and certain times I had to be there.


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            My accountant told me I had to claim my assistant as an employee. This means I have to have workers comp insurance, disability insurance and have the taxes taken out. If she some how gets hurt and claims comp or pregnant and decides to get disability you can be in some big trouble. Here in NY the fine for no insurance is $2k per 10 days.


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              Financially, I wish I could afford to do this. I would have to take on at least 2 more children to be able to afford an assistant....which isn't that many. However, I always wonder if it's worth my sanity and stress.

              I never thought about it from a tax basis and think that would be way more hassle. I am however getting ready to adopt and we will have to be in whatever state the baby comes from for 3 weeks. I don't want to lose any children so I anticipated hiring an assistant a few months before our birthmother is due so that she can take care of them during that time.