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Older Kids Coming to Daycare as Punishment

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  • Older Kids Coming to Daycare as Punishment

    So, this morning one of my old DC moms who has become a great friend called almost in tears about her 2 sons. They are almost 14 and 10, I had them both since they were newborns and they moved to a town 25 minutes away about 3 years ago and mom quit working, so they stopped coming except for off and on in the summer.

    These boys are like family and my 19 year old daughter calls them her little brothers...Sooo mom says she is going nuts, she had to go back to work since her husband's business has declined but when she leaves the boys home alone together they try to kill each other and eat all the food in the house. Which is (unfortunately) probably typical behavior for pubescent and prepubescent boys.

    Mom asked if the younger one could come here for the last 2 days of spring break so she could actually work at work instead of threatening them over the phone all day. My attendance is down this week so I said sure. Then a few minutes ago the 13 year old called to see if he could come too. I said yes as long as they could get along and not cause trouble, but he was going to be bored outta his mind. He said "that's okay, I can help you by playing with the kids." He really is a good kid and sweet and both he and his brother have always loved little kids so hopefully they'll be distracted from bothering each other.

    Mom said to put them to work and not let them have any fun, she was pretty pissed when she called, but I'm kinda at a loss about how to keep them busy, I don't actually have much "work" that they could do, the weather is rainy windy and cold so outside is probably out, I don't know... what would you do with a couple of bored boys?

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    honestly,.. if it were me,.. head to the video store for some games, order a pizza for lunch and enjoy them. they will someday be the daycare parents,.. bring you their kids. =-)


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      The only thing I could think of with boys that age is video games.


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        Yeah, I agree with the others. Video games and pizza. Make it fun. This is a break for them from the drudgery of school and their behavior seems pretty typical to me for being left unsupervised at that age. (my siblings and I did that and worse and we turned out just fine without daycare as a "punishment"!)

        As for helping out, I'd probably play it by ear and give them other things to do if they want to be involved with the kids. They could play a game with them, help prepare meals, be an extra pair of hands during craft time, set up & put away the mats/cots at naptime, etc.


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          I agree!!
          I'd make it a fun time for the boys! I keep my daughter's old Guitar Hero game here for when my *alumni* kids come back to stay for a day! They LOVE's rather benign (no blood or shooting). I even pull out my old Legos, the icoaster set...keeps them busy all day!
          Pizza for lunch, some Oreos, and a movie with popcorn while your little ones are might never get them to leave::
          I ALWAYS enjoy when my *alumni* come back to visit - yes, and sometimes the parents think it's a punishment for them....but the kids and I never let on that it's really a treat for the rest of us::