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My Daughter is Sick...How Should I Tell the Parents??

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  • My Daughter is Sick...How Should I Tell the Parents??

    My daughter has a fever of 101. She was a little off but no fever today but we just checked it and it's 101.5. She has no other symptoms and we gave her some tylenol before bed but I don't know what to do with my parents.

    Should I send them an email tonight letting them know that I will be open tomorrow but my daughter is running a fever. I don't want to call because it is a little late for some of them but I would hate for them to come, drop off their kiddos and then go to work and get the email that she is sick.

    Should I tell them at all? With no other symptoms I don't know if maybe it's her 2yr molars or something else.

    I'm not really sure what to do.

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    I know it's late, but I would call them. That way if they do not want to bring their child they can have another plan.... Most of the parents would bring them anyway, but I would call tonight and let them know.


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      I agree with newtoeverything. I'd have called last night.
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        I called everyone last night and everyone was ok with it.


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          I don't want to be doom and gloom, but you should have your little girl looked at by a doctor. A fever without any other symptoms can mean an infection (ear, bladder, etc.) Just speaking from experience. Hope she's better very soon.


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            Yes, I have found that parents usually bring the kids anyway... but I always let them know.


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              I dont worry about it much, my own kids stay in their rooms,... I wipe the potty down after every use. My kids are older than most everyones here i think, but Ive always done it this way.