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A Step Issue...Need Advice

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  • A Step Issue...Need Advice

    A room that I am going to be using primarily for the daycare/playroom is a sunk in room, the step leading into it is about 6 inches high. It's not normally an issue for us but I do remember once one of my girls tripping over that step while leaving the room and hitting her face on the floor. She wasn't hurt badly but she did bite her tongue.

    I've been trying to figure out a way to make that step safer, some sort of a small ramp or something. I even thought about one of those foam wedge things that the kids can climp on but I don't know how that would do for older kids walking on it, it's meant for babies and toddler crawling. I would like something that I could pick up and move when the kids aren't here.

    Any ideas?
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    what about some type of mini ramp....wouldn't take much to make.


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      A ramp down could still make someone fall if it were too steep. Suggest you put a small railing on one side for children to hold onto and on the other a sign reading "Watch Your Step". Do you have a picture of the step down area?

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        How to I attach pictures?

        I should say too that when my daughter tripped she wasn't walking out of the room she was running and forgot the step was there, we have lived here for 15 years and it has only happened once but I still would like to do something. That being said, having a rail for her to hold on to wouldn't have made any difference because she wouldn't have slowed down enough to grab it.


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          I agree with Michael, I don't think a ramp would make it safer and could even cause even more problems. (I broke my foot once on a ramp!) I do like the handrail/watch your step note--even thought the kids are not going to be reading it, maybe a picture of steps on the note? If it is only one 6 inch step, I would just make sure everyone knows it's there, maybe remind the kids for a little while (if needed) but I bet it won't be a problem. A child running in the house could easily fall like your daughter did even without the step!


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            My parents living room is like that also. I'm sure growing up I fell down the step a time or two, but I was probably running like your daughter was If your room is similar to my parents', then a railing isn't feasible. I would just make sure the older kids are reminded about it and that little ones crawl down it. Beware that it might be something they think is fun to jump off of (of course, I'm not speaking from experience) Honestly, the step most likely isn't going to be an issue. It's good that you are aware of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.


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                Thank you all for your input, I'm going to try to attach a picture of the step just so that you can see what it looks like.
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                  Congratulations on posting your images! They are very helpful.

                  In my opinion I believe a ramp could work. Make the width, from the right wall and flush to the furniture on the left. The depth from the edge of the furniture leg and flush to the door frame. Make sure no edges are exposed. I would put velcro on the bottom of the ramp to fasten it to the rug. That way it will stay flush to the door frame and can easily be removed when needed.

                  I still suggest you make an image to put near the ramp to show that it is something to watch out for. After all, you are making changes to the original floor plan and may need to check with your homeowner’s insurance agent. Good luck!


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                    How about a baby gate The children would have to stop and wait wHich mean look at where they were going. Or you will be there to remind them.


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                      I have a step down just like that, and in the 5 years I have been in this house it has never been an issue. I would leave it as is. Or, how about putting a gate there so they have to stop and open it to go up/down the step?


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                        Originally posted by Crystal View Post
                        I have a step down just like that, and in the 5 years I have been in this house it has never been an issue. I would leave it as is. Or, how about putting a gate there so they have to stop and open it to go up/down the step?
                        I agree... I know it might be a pain, but I really dont think a ramp would help. The kids just have to be careful. If they run over it they probably wont get hurt very badly.