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Utah Creates Bill Aimed at Requiring Kindergarten-Age Children to be Toilet Trained

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  • Utah Creates Bill Aimed at Requiring Kindergarten-Age Children to be Toilet Trained

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    Whilst in theory this should be a positive move if it sets a precedent, it's going to add pressure to us as the care before kindergarten to sort this out than the parents. I've three 3 year olds in my care at the moment who are in diapers because the parents have decided they're not ready yet. I'm not dealing with the accidents to train them in my house, but if their becomes this requirement the parents attitude will change to be pressuring me to do all I can. I can train them but it would take away learning from others in the group.

    We need parents to wake up that a child won't always say exactly that they're ready and willing to use the toilet and for this to not fall on daycare


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      I can't say I disagree that kids should be potty trained by kindergarten unless there's a medical reason they can't be. Kindergarten teachers really don't have the time to change multiple diapers per day and still teach what they're required to teach. It's just sad they have to pass a law to get parents to do their job. As a provider, I'm more than willing to help in the process; I refuse to be responsible for training the child, though. My dc parents are told the process starts at home. When it starts to go well there, let me know and I'll work on it here, too. If the parent isn't willing to work on it at home, I'm not going to work on it here. I've done that far too many times only to have a child fully trained here and then backslide because the parents put the kid in diapers at home or while on vacation.


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        Hey Guys,
        It's "Springvalley", I am the one that posted the link as a guest because I couldn't log into my account to actually post the article as me. I saw this on facebook and commented that I felt like this should come down to alabama as well because unfortunately all the daycare provider's here whether it's a center or a home are having the exact same problem and we cannot get parent's to understand that it's not up to us to toilet train your children rather you need to toilet train your children and not rely on us to do it. We do not mind helping you toilet train your child as long as you are doing it at home and not totally relying on us to do it all. Most pre-kindergarten programs here will not take a child that is not toilet trained unless there is a reason as to why they are not toilet trained such as they have a medical condition or a identified special need such as wheelchair bound etc. You can technically hold them back a year if you prefer and have them start the following year but their birthday needs to be after a certain date.


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          I’m in Illinois. They’re required to be potty train to attend public pre-K so this is surprising that it’s needing to be a law for kindergarten (5+ years old) in other states.

          I understand if there’s a medical reason or special needs, but what is happening that parents are getting lazier and lazier with their own children? Dear Lord

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        It’s so weird. Several years ago I’d have more parents pushing potty training way way too young. It was some race to have their kid trained by 2. Now my experience is parents are doing squat. They don’t care their 4 year old is in diapers. They say potty training is too hard.

        Just rarely do I ever see a happy medium in this business.