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Statements For Families With 2+ Kids?

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  • Statements For Families With 2+ Kids?

    Can I still do one statement for the whole family or should I do a statement for each child? This is my first year with a family with 2 kids.


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    i would assume you could do 1 statement BUT you have to mark the amount for each kid.
    On taxes you have a max, and then an addition for the next child I believe.


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      If the parents are still married, to each other, then I do one. If they are divorced I do two.

      It is common practice, here, that each parent is allowed to claim one child if there are two children. If only one, they have to claim them every other year.

      It may vary from State to State AND Judge to Judge.
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        Parent receipts

        Give one receipt per family and indicate how much was for each child on it. Let divorced or separated parents deal with each other about who gets to claim the child care tax credit.