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Has anyone ever used Funsteps Curriculum?

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  • Has anyone ever used Funsteps Curriculum?

    Has anyone ever used the Funsteps curriculum? If you have, what was your experience with them? Did the preschoolers get a good grasp on the basic skills they need for Kindergarten (alphabet, number recognition, writing their name, etc)? How easy is it to set up and prepare lessons each day? Approximately how long did it take you to prepare for each day/week?
    Did you use the Twosteps part of the curriculum for 2-3 yr olds? What was it like, and would it be okay for 3 yr olds also, or is it more geared for 2 yr olds mostly? I have a T/Th class for 2 1/2 - 3 yr olds (in addition to a 4-5 yr old class on M/W/F), so I wondered which curriculum would be best for my younger class.

    Summed up, my questions are: Do you like Funsteps (why or why not)? and is Twosteps good for 3 yr olds also, or is it designed mostly for 2 yr olds?

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    I have used the funsteps program. My daycare children loved the activities and really learned alot.
    I did not spend alot of time having to be ready for each day. Funsteps provides most of
    the materials needed for the activities.
    I have used both age groups. In my opinion, either program would be beneficial and useful to a 2 1/2 year old.
    Twosteps has the same themes, the art activities are the same, but the pieces are larger
    and simpler to put together.
    Hope this was helpful.