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    I wanted to share a fundraiser with you that we recently did this past spring for new playground equipment. We were in need of update equipment, ride on toys, and some indoor rest cots. We booked a fundraiser with MC Fundraisers, and made well over $1500.00. We were able to purchase new cots for rest and a few little tike outdoor climbers.

    Here is the website

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    does anyone do fundraisers for their home daycare??


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      LOL I just went through my receipts for this year and am thinking about it! haha


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        cookie dough

        Cookie dough with MC Fundraisers is a great one. They are even offering 10 Free boxes of cookie dough when you sign up for a sale..thats 480 cookies for the kiddos, my dc kiddos love the M&M ones!


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          We have also had a sale with MC Fundraisers. I have 7 children in my program and we were able to purchase a new table and chairs and a new desktop computer for the pre-school program. I chose to sell Cookie Dough and Snack Mixes. I think they are going to have candles soon too. I was a little worried about what my parents would think at first but they loved the idea and loved it even more when I had them help pick out our new stuff!!

          We got the free cookie dough as well and the parents got free cookie dough too for selling so much.


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            Salsa Fundraiser

            Great news, I just got an email from MC Fundraisers and they just added Jose Madrid Salsa to their product line.

            You get a brochure sell to customers for $6.00 per jar and you make $3 per jar from that!! 50% and FREE SHIPPING!!!!!! You can also buy the salsa ahead of time and do a cash and carry-purchase it for 43 per jar and sell for as much as you want!!

            I booked a sale with them this morning! I think this will go over great! All the info is not on the website yet but the rep said they will have it up this weekend however you can call for the info now.

            If you need rest cots, playhouse, crafts materials you should try this!!


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              I checked out this company and they offer some great fundraisers. I called them today and booked a Salsa fundraiser. I will let you know how it goes. I would like to get new outdoor toys in the spring and new high chairs for the infants.


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                Just wanted to let everyone know that I got my samples today for our upcoming salsa fundraiser....AWESOME!!


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                  salsa sale

                  I found this site today and I am so excited, I just booked a sale with this MC Fundraisers. I talked to a girl name Misty, she was very pleasant to talk to and said that even though our group is small (6) we could easily make enough money for a new playset or more. We booked a salsa sale with her and I am excited, this is our first fundraiser.

                  Have any other providers here done a fundraiser before? I talked it over with my parents and they seem to be ready to start, hopefully they will all sell like crazy!


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                    Salsa Fundraising

                    if You need to do Salsa Fundraising with Jose Madrid Salsa go to MC Fundraising website appears to be down.