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appropriate Activities for Differing Age Environments

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  • appropriate Activities for Differing Age Environments

    how would the environment of a 3 month child differ from that of a 5 year old if the needs for devlopment are to be fully met by both environment.

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    Not quite sure what you are asking here, but this is what I got out of it.

    If caring for a 3 mo old, you would need a form of crib or pack in play, bouncy seat, age appropriate small toys, high chair for later on, maybe a walker/saucer, blankets. Basic items to care for an infant.

    For a 5 yr old, you would need age appropriate activities to do throughout the day. Preschool activities.


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      Great question. I don't know.
      That's why I have been veeeery resistant to taking infants and children under 2.
      I've been shooting myself in the foot numbers wise by not taking really little ones, but I just can't figure out how to pull it off without the little bitties choking to death.
      I actually prefer the older set and even school age and just get flustered just thinking about the infant I might be taking on in March because of a sibling arrangement.
      Going to have to be some big changes around here.


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        If the children are playing on the floor in the same area you need to make sure that there is no small toys that the baby can choke on or any toy that may have small pieces that may come off.


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          I keep my under age 1 separate from the toddlers/preschoolers. I also have an enclpsed play area for the ones that are crawaling stage to about age 2, to where they can understand no, staying in the dc room, etc. Sure helps.

          When I say separate....infants are kept in the living room and the others are in the family room, and all rooms are open to one another, all in sight, just different rooms.