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    I had a kid who became sick on Tuesday around 8:45 am, so I called his mom and when she picked him up, she mentioned that “his sister went home from school for the stomach flu the day before.”
    Immediately, I sent a group text that stated, “the stomach flu is going around and a child went home.”
    One parent came and picked up her toddler because she just had a baby and was getting ready to start a New job in a couple days, so she didn’t want the new baby to get sick and didn’t want to get sick herself because she didn’t want to miss her first day of her new job.
    1) Do respectable daycares get notice if a sibling is sick?

    On Wednesday, the sick kid who left early Tuesday, returned and parent said he was just fine. I thought, well, that’s almost a 24 hr period since he was sick, so I didn’t say anything.
    Wednesday evening I got sick. I work with my mother and she said she could handle everything on Thursday. I didn’t call the parents to close bc I had just called off daycare unexpectedly a few weeks ago due to angina.
    Thursday morning, the uncle of one kid says, that his nephew threw up Wednesday evening. This boys mother didn’t say that at drop off.
    I understand kids are contagious even after feeling better and contagious before symptoms appear. Which is the reason I don’t see how keeping the kids home 24 hrs helps.
    Now...the best part, the mother who picked up her toddler to avoid missing work on Sat and getting new baby sick, gets sick at work and has her grandpas visitation to go to today!!!

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    Ugh! This is one of the the biggest downsides of having a daycare! Try the 24/48 rule for sick kids. It helps. I don't require the whole 48 but the kid can't come the next day if sent home sick.
    My policy:
    "Children will not be permitted in the daycare until 24 hours after symptoms have ceased without fever/pain medication."
    "If a child is sent home sick with symptoms of a communicable illness, the child may not return to care the following day (i.e. if a child is sent home sick on Monday, he/she may return to care on Wednesday if symptom-free without pain/fever medication.)"


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      At our center, we use the 24/48 hour rule regardless of where a child gets sick at.


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        For me its 24 hours after last time they puked so a kid would normally be out for two days minimum. Its unfortunate that with stomach flu they can be contagious for weeks afterwards! My own daughter got the stomach flu and then I got it on Easter long weekend but no one else got it at daycare or my family. I think I only got it because I helped her when she was puking. Hand washing is sooooo important!


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          I ask that my parents notify me of any illnesses within their home that occur, whether it is the attending child, sibling and/or parent. Just be respectful enough to let me know.

          I feel most are really good about it. Some tell me after the fact but whatever.

          As for the child you sent home on Tuesday....he would not have been allowed to return until Thursday at the absolute earliest. I actually follow the 24/48 hour rule and would have excluded him until Friday but it is what it is and returning Wednesday would have resulted in being turned away at the door.

          I am sorry you got sick too... I think it takes a while to build a strong immune system but eventually most providers do. Hope you are feeling better soon!