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  • Toddler Bites Food Cutters is doing a great job of getting beneficial information and useful product details into the hands of daycare providers across the nation. They have graciously allowed me to make you aware of a product line that I created and that may be of use to you. I am a former daycare and public school teacher and now mom inventor. As they say, "Necessity is the mother of all invention." Certainly, making mealtime preparation easier and toddler dining safer were the motivating factors behind the creation of Toddler Bites Food Cutters. Our Toddler Bites Sandwich Cutter instantly cuts a sandwich into 9 bite-sized pieces. It also works great for pancakes, cookie dough, cake petits fours, fudge, etc.

    The Hot Dog Cutter splits the hot dog and cuts it into inch pieces across which is the recommended size as suggested on most major hot dog brand packages for children under 6 years of age. With hot dogs at the top of the list of possible food related choking hazards, we’ve had a lot of success marketing the Hot Dog Cutter to moms and organizations that put a high emphasis on childhood safety. In addition, with all natural hot dogs now on the market, this kitchen tool is useful even to the most conscientious of parents and daycare providers.

    It was important to us that our products be manufactured here in the USA using certified, FDA food grade materials. In addition to the safe materials used, we also worked with several plastics until we found a very non-bendable, durable one that is completely dishwasher safe and doesn’t dull over time.

    Lunch Ideas:

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