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  • Who Would You Keep?

    I have a dcb mom told me that she is pregnant and will need care for infant in Dec. I know I am worrying about this too soon but I just want to get a plan.

    In Dec I will have:

    - 2yo dcb
    - 10mo dcg
    - 15mo dcb
    - 3yo dcb: this is the boy whose mom just told me she is pregnant

    my own kids:
    - 3yo girl
    - 5 mo

    I cannot take her new baby because I would have too many under 24 months. I dont think they would give me a variance for 9 months so I would have to let one of them go.

    Who do I let go:
    15mo dcb: parents are very nice and I am becoming friends with the mom but he only comes in the afternoon.

    3 yo dcb with new baby: would bring in more money to keep them but I do not have as close of a relationship with the mom. Also dcb is the same age as my girl and they have fun.

    Who do I let go and if I let the 15 mo go...what do I say? It just doesnt seem fair because 15mo was here first.

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    I would let the 15 mo go--having a same-age playmate for your older child is worth it's weight in gold, IMO. Plus, more money is always good.

    First off, I would wait until late summer to do anything about it. Who knows...things may work out in the meantime so that you don't have to make the decision. Make sure that your policies have a clause for a part-timer being let go to make room for a full-timer.

    You could always check and see if they would give you a variance since the extra kid (meaning the 15 mo) would only be there half the day.

    Late summer (when you know that all is well with the pg mom's pgcy and everything) you let the parents of the 15 mo know that in December, there is a family that needs that slot full-time. That gives them plenty of notice to find someone else.
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      Just to clarify, the ages you posted are the ages they will be in December, right?

      And what is the story of the 10mo?


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        yes those are the ages they will be in december.
        the 10mo dcg will be born any day now and her parents live 2 houses down and have been paying deposits every month for 4 months now so I would feel horrible terming them.


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          How many hours in the afternoon would you be over? If it's only 2-3 maybe they would let it go for 9 months.


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            I had that problem a few years ago and had to let a great family go. It was hard, but 30 days is the max they will give you a variance for in MN. The dcp didn't want to bring the baby to a different daycare than the older sister for the 3 months until I had another infant opening.

            If you need the money and need the kids you'd have to let the 15 month old go. If you think you can handle having 2 young infants, one being your own. Full time takes precedence over part time. Definitely wait to make a final decision though, you never know what will happen over the next year.