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  • Terminate or Not?

    So I just started up a home daycare and had much more success than I had anticipated filling my 2 vacancies (I already have a waiting list). I was worried at first so I ended up taking the first two applicants who had children over the age of 18 months (since my two daughters are under the age of 2).

    Anyway, the older child started 2 weeks ago and has turned out to be quite a handful. She bosses my older daughter around and attempts to tell me what to do also. Furthermore, she is ultra clingy to me and absolutely will not play by herself or with my daughter (thus making it difficult to get things done like cooking THEIR meals). She is 3 1/2 years old and still wants to be held all the time! When she doesn't get her way (as in I make her ask for something politely), she throws a huge temper tantrum and pouts. She also calls me and my backup provider names frequently. I have no problem disciplining, but it seems like I have to discipline her constantly! She is bothering me so much that I am starting to really resent her and I feel like it's compromising my ability to provide quality care.

    I can tell her family babies her and she sleeps with her parents so she doesn't end up going to bed until late, causing her to be tired and cranky with me. On top of that, her parents always drop her off at a different time than what is stated in the contract.

    I plan on sticking it out for now as my other dcp (whose daughter starts tomorrow) knows dcg #1 and I don't want them to think I will dismiss them also. However, I don't want to keep her for the whole year! I feel like her behavior is starting to wear off on my toddler (as in taking toys and saying no). She is a handful enough on her own without a bad influence.

    What would you do??

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    Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
    She is bothering me so much that I am starting to really resent her and I feel like it's compromising my ability to provide quality care.
    I don't want to keep her for the whole year!
    What would you do??
    Let her go, hun. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Please do it as soon as possible.
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      Have you talked to the mom about her daughter's behavior? Is she willing to help at all? If not, I'd let her go. It really seems like it's not a good fit, especially given what you stated above about not being able to provide her with quality care.


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        well, I have a 3 yr old that started 2 months ago and I'm still working on it. Its hard because at that age they have all ready learned bad behaviors. Its going to take some time to break them of the bad habits. Lots of time outs and not giving in to the child will work but it will take time.


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          I know its a good idea to work with the child and the parent and try to get a good flow going.

          As for me though, I am not an experienced provider and I would probably just let the girl go. I try really hard to have the most friendly and relaxed enviroment....for my sanity sake!! l


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            Thank you for your responses! My second dcg started today and she is really good (with the exception of nap time which is turning out terrible right now!).

            I think I'm just going to have to be the bad guy to the older girl and constantly discipline until she understands. I'm really hoping that the parents keep doing their sporadic schedule changes because then I can terminate for that reason. I plan on giving her a chance for 2-4 weeks and then terminating if I see little to no improvement. In the meantime, I will do some type of meeting with the parents to go over her behavior.

            My backup has over 45 years of experience and she couldn't stand her for the hour and a half she was here yesterday. She told me that back when she was doing daycare she would have terminated her immediately and referred to her as the blueberry girl from Wizard of Oz. "I want it now!!"