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Holy Cats it's Baby Boomerville Around Here!

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  • Holy Cats it's Baby Boomerville Around Here!

    I knew that two of my dcms were ttc. I'm pregnant, due May 31 (I'm 19 weeks along).

    This week, I found out that one dcm1 is 6 weeks, dcm2 is 17 weeks (NOT FAIR--she doesn't look pg at all!), and dcm3 thinks she might be pg!!! AUGH!!!

    I can only have 3 under 2, and my own will be one of those. Luckily, it looks like it's going to work out--all my current kiddos will be over 2 by the time these babes are coming. DCM1 will be going back to work in August, 2 days/week. DCM2 won't need baby care until January, 3 days a week (the other three from DCM1), and dcm3's baby should fit neatly around the other two (full-time).

    Yowza!! As it is, I'll probably have to term someone...I haven't looked at that yet.
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    I'm having somewhat of the same problem. I have a 4 month old and another dck due in 3 weeks. I am also due in july. I will have to get an ok from my licensor for the few weeks that I will have 4 under 24months.

    My aunt wanted to have a spot in my daycare but I had to turn her down.

    Sounds like you have quite a dilema with your daycare families. I suppose you cannot take them all. Perhaps you could do it as whoever asks for a space for their baby. I think the parents may just assume that you will take their new babies.

    When they get farther along in their pregnancies maybe you could tell them your dilema and let them know that if they would like to hold their new babies spot they could pay a small fee...

    You could pick your fav or your most full time or however you want to choose who to term. I know I am very nervous about having my little one and the other babies all at once...I figure they will grow and then my daycare will grow too.

    Anyone else have any ideas?


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      Oh no! Babies galore!

      3 of my 7 families just told me they are expecting. I can take 1, maybe 2 with a variance. I cannot bear to turn away these families who have been with me since I started. It breaks my heart. How have others handled this?