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When do you readmit after pink eye?

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  • When do you readmit after pink eye?

    I have one who was sent home this week for pink eye. There was SO much drainage from the eye--I really should have called for pick-up before I did, but I waited until the eye looked red and puffy because parents have claimed "cold in the eye" before. I don't know. Can you have drainage from your eye from a cold? It is confirmed pink eye this time.

    The child needs eye drops every 4 hours or so throughout the day for about a week. Do you guys do this? Should I do it? I'm pregnant and the thought of wrestling with a 2.5 year old to put in eye drops (on top of everything else I have to do) sounds.... eh.

    And when do you let a child with pink eye return to care?


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    According to licensing here when dispensing prescription meds I have to have special training to do so. I don't want the liability. My handbook says something like "A relative within the third degree of consanguinity may come to the program to administer medication. The medication must be brought and leave with the relative, the medication should be in it's original prescription packaging. The relative must show ID and log into the program upon arrival and log out of the program upon departure. The child's medication log must be properly filled out, signed and dated at each occurance.

    If it's 4x/day Child can have it done before drop off. Someone would need to come administer it before lunch. Child would get it at home after pick up and at home before bed.


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      Yes, they can have an oozing eye without pinkeye. I still exclude because that is impossible to contain sanitarily. Kids rub with their hand and it goes on every surface.

      Here we are allowed to give meds and I have done drops by having child lay on their back, shut their eyes gently, not squeezed shut. Have a tissue close by. Drop a drop or two (some meds say 2) in the inside corner of each eye and have the child quickly open their eyes. The drops will wash over their eyeballs, hand them the tissue (it is more for comfort than anything) and they can dab, not rub, any that leaked out.

      You can have parents do it instead, but most give up and then you have little mister pinkeye visiting your house again.


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        Our exclusion page says if discharge is clear they do not have to be excluded, but if purulent they need doc to okay the return after a second visit.

        Personally I exclude until no discharge.