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  • Head isn't in it anymore

    I need advice, my head and heart just isn't in home daycare anymore. I am 10 weeks pregnant and do not plan on going back to it after I have baby. So I have about 24/25 weeks left that I'm planning to work. But I find myself starting to resent daycare, I find I'm shorter with the kids, less patiences. I don't want to be the grumpy old daycare last I want my dcks to like coming here. How do I get out of this rut.

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    Fake it till you make it. :hug:


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      I feel for you!

      Things that help when you're feeling burned out--

      Definitely fake it until you make it. Put on that smile, even if it's not 100% genuine.

      If you find yourself getting annoyed with certain harmless behaviors from the kids, come up with a phrase you will use to (nicely) get yourself through the situation without acting grouchy. For example, one thing that can get on my nerves is if I tell someone, "Sit down while you are eating please!", I have a DCB who will say (on repeat) "I'm sitting down. I'm sitting down. I'm sitting down" -- and he's not the one I was talking to. This is pretty much done whenever I tell any child anything. I can say, "Oh, you used the red crayon!" and he will say (on repeat) "I used it too. I used it too. I used it too." My phrase is "That's great!" and if I'm not quite able to manage that with enthusiasm, I just smile and give a thumbs up.

      Plan open-ended art activities. I don't like crafts, honestly. But when I'm grumpy, crafts make me even grumpier. I'd plan at least one activity a day when you put a variety of different materials out and let the kids go to it. Don't plan for what the final product will look like!

      Get outside as much as possible.

      If you have any kids you're considering terminating for bad behavior, do it. The added stress won't be worth it for you.

      Work on napping with them. Get them to nap and nap well. It is a lifesaver.

      One episode of PBS a day never hurt anyone.

      Simple meals. Don't cook anything for awhile. Cold cereal. Sandwiches. A lunch of sliced cheese, turkey lunch meat, whole wheat crackers, and sliced veggies and fruit is healthy and easy.

      Cut way back on what you do for the parents. If it's not necessary, stop it. You'll save your sanity and prevent burn out if you're not spending your time off writing newsletters and answering emails.

      Think this thought often: "Treat them like they're my kids." If you can project some of the love and maternal feelings you're experiencing for your baby onto your daycare kids, it will help you tolerate the minor annoyances without turning into a huge grouch. Parents naturally have more patience for their own kids. Someone your child does that a daycare provider would find irritating will probably amuse you (and you'll think it's cute or clever).

      Just plaster on that fake smile, come up with some phrases to use to get through it and think, "treat them like they're my kids!"


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        Can you take a four day weekend? When I get into a funk, I take time off to restart. Works like a charm.


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          Think about your new baby and how you would want a care provider to be with them


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            Do whatever you can to make life easier for you, your days easier(think using paper plates, letting the kids color, play playdoh or dance as opposed to creating projects for them to do). Sometimes the things that bring the kids the most fun are the simplest things.

            Look into their cute sweet innocent(mostly) eyes and realize they're all just little children, looking to you for love and guidance, safety and acceptance. Whenever I'm feeling crappy and don't think I can take it a minute longer, I find a song that lifts my heart a bit and hum it. It's usually kids' songs cause hey, that's what plays here the most. try to find the humor in your days.

            Then when they're gone for the day or better yet, the weekend, indulge yourself as much as you can!! And yes, a 4 day weekend sounds good for you right now.

            Good luck!! One day at a time!!