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  • Handbooks

    Hello everyone,
    I've noticed a lot of people mentioning handbooks. I have sort of a handbook idea, but I'm curious what one of your handbooks is like. Mine is basically 2 pages typed up of expectations from me and the parents.

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    Mine is 12 pages and covers all my policies in great detail. I tried to get it down to a few manageable pages, but there wasn't much I felt comfortable cutting out.


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      You must be new to DC. Alot of new DC providers start off with small handbooks then they grow as they get more experience. Mine is (I think) is 11 pages. You are welcome to take a look at my handbook Everything that is in it has been an issue in the past for me. I tell the parents at interview time that it is not ment to scare them that to me it is common sense but it all has happened before.


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        wow, great handbook! I have a smaller one but I'm thinking of adding in some of what you have!

        I tweaked mine a little but probably not enough!


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          I haven't even finished reading yours yet, but thank you so much for sharing. Lots of good stuff in there.

          Do you take a copy of the signatures in the handbook, and then give them the handbook back?


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            What I do is have them turn in the last sheet where they sign. I make a copy of it & give them a copy back. I also have a contract form that covers all the money issues in the handbook. I do the same for that, they sign, I make a copy & give back to them.


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              what I did is copied the last part of the handbook onto my deposit/registration forms. They will sign that and I get to keep it, and then I'll sign with them in the handbook and they can keep that. easier than having to make a copy and everything after the fact.

              I now have a 6 page handbook thanks to you But I noticed alot of our stuff is similar. Even some of our wordings were the same! But I took out what won't apply to me, and modified some that would. Made a cover page with my information, daycare name etc on it.
              Then I have a deposit form which states deposit made on what date and signed by the parent, underneath I took the handbook section and have parents sign that as well as me. That's their copy to keep, and then i have my registration form with health info etc.


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