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  • Odd Noise DCG Makes

    I have a new dcg, 2 years old, she's been here 2 weeks now. She is a dream! Plays well with the other kids, sits and works on playdoh or crafts for a while, participates in circle. She really is great. My concern is that whenever she is really focused on something, she makes this loud, constant sound, kind of like a car motor with a long eeeee sound. I can hear it across the yard when she is in the sandbox. I asked her mom and she said she does it all the time at home too. Do I just let it go or remind her to stop each time I hear it? It bugs the other kids too. Any ideas?

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    My ds made a sound, kind of like humming, when he ate. It just recently went away. He is 4. I wouldn't stop her from doing it.


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      I may be in the minority, but I would say "Shhh, that is hurting our ears."


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        I wonder if it is a sort of vocal tic. I would bring this up with the mother.


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          I did. She said they hear it too. Actually she laughed a little and said "oh boy you can hear it!" She said her son did it when he was little too. I have been reminding her that it's loud and hurts our ears, but she clearly isn't being defiant, it's just what she does. My worry is the other kids not wanting to play with her because it's loud and annoying to them.


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            My ds was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome when he was 6. He is now 15. He had both motor and vocal tics that started around age 2. Whenever I mentioned my ds' tics to our pediatrician he said it was normal for some children to have tics, and they usually outgrow them around age 4. When he didn't outgrow them, and had some anxiety issues, we took him to a neurologist.

            This sounds like a vocal tic. Does she show any signs of any kind of anxiety?
            She may not even realize she is doing it, unless you make her aware when she is doing it. And it may be hard for her to not do it. Does she show any signs of motor tics? For example, excessive eye blinking, mouth movements, etc.?


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              Thanks Gabs. I don't see anything else concerning. I worked was a nanny for a couple years for a child with Tourrettes. I loved him. I haven't seen anything I am concerned about as far as anxiety or motor tics. She does stop for a few minutes when I asked her to but she doesn't seem to realize she is doing it until I mention it. I will keep watching though.