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  • Organizing paperwork

    Where oh where do you store it all!!!????

    I have done this forever and have never found a great filing system and part of it is I give up and then become disorganized in it.

    We have to keep all paperwork for 7 years, food stuff for 3 years, and then the kids files for 3 years I believe. Then there is always the present year of receipts and paperwork.

    Anyone have a great system they would want to share of where/how they store everything.
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    Mine's nothing spectacular- A couple of file organizers in the cabinet in the classroom holds current records, blank forms, and stuff I might need now. Each family/ item (inservice, blank applications, drill logs, ETC) has its own folder. Old records are in a file cabinet in the basement.


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      Similar... I've got a file box in the basement with old files and a binder in the playroom with current children's files.