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Finding out what went on in school

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  • Finding out what went on in school

    DCG headed off to pre-k this week. (sob). I still see her every day when they pick up little brother. I'm really interested in hearing about school since I had some concerns about it anyway.

    I've asked "what was the best thing", "worst thing", "happiest thing", funniest thing, but I'm running out of topic starters. Most of what I find online are for older kids.

    What is your sure-fired way to find out what happened in school?

    PS. She is intelligent, strong-willed, and not fond of listening or sitting still. When I asked her the best part on her first day, she said it was playing outside. The worst? "Finding out that I have to listen." Boy, I could have predicted that one. Today the worst was something about not doing what she wanted. ::

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    Pre-K is a hard age to get them to talk about their day. When she says something like, "finding out that I had to listen", did you try to follow up on that? "What did you have to listen about?" "Did anyone not listen?" "What happens if you don't listen?"

    Also, ask about anything that you know happened. "What'd you have at snack?" "Who did you sit next to?" "What'd you do on the playground?" "What songs do you sing?" Etc.

    That's what I've been doing with my kindergartener and it's working. I'm trying not to pepper her too much with questions, but man, after 6 years of being with her every day all day, it's so hard to have her away for 8 hours! So, I feel your pain...


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      Mine starts tomorrow- I'm excited for him, but sad that this is a step towards him growing up! As a former pre-k/ k teacher, I can tell you that parents often have luck asking specific questions related to curriculum- most pre-k/k's either send home themes, or have a weekly newsletter. Ask about apples (for example)- did you eat any, paint with them, make applesauce- was it yummy? Ask silly questions, too to get her laughing- she will probably open up more.Agree with pp- ask who they sat with at lunch, use any letters home from the teacher to the class for clues as to what to talk about.


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        My daughter just started K.
        I totally know the pain in getting any info But DD is pretty good at sharing.
        I ask very specific questions -
        did you sing any songs about the abc's? how did they go?
        what did you eat for snack? who were you sitting with?
        what did you play on at recess? who were you with?
        what book did you read? what was it about?

        and the more you know the more specific you can get


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          Aw, I haven't been following through. Pick up time has been crazy this week, everyone's schedule is off. I'll ask follow-up questions next time. Thanks.

          I don't have access to letters home since I'm just the dcp. Although we've become so comfortable that mom would probably show me if I asked.


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            Have not read all responses.

            I usually ask what song did you sing today or book

            Do you make any cool art today ?

            What does your teacher do for you today?

            Did you learns new letter?

            I might say something silly like did you jump on the ceiling today at school. Teu usually say noooo we did a -----------

            I talk to my son every night before bed time. I ask about his friends what they do, why how, who when an what.


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