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Do I Ask The Daycare Parents Or Not?

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  • Do I Ask The Daycare Parents Or Not?

    You all know the situation with my mom. Well, it's not gotten any better (in fact, she's worse as she now has pneumonia and when not sedated is completely non-responsive) and my sisters and I are making more long-term arrangements to take care of her affairs.

    One of the tricky parts is that she has four cats. Without going into too much boring detail, one sister has taken two of them to her house. I want to bring the two who are left to my house, but am wondering if I need to ask the daycare parents first.

    We do have one cat already so it's not quite like adding a completely new pet. I know these cats, lived with them for many years, know their quirks. They're likely to spend 98% of their time hiding anyway (the one, who used to be mine, in particular--she's such a b**ch these days! : and I have a room downstairs which is largely unsullied by my own cat that will be "theirs".

    I want to do this soon, ASAP, 'cause those poor critters have been without much human contact for a week and a half now, and their little pride has now been split up so they are probably going nuts, poor things.

    So, whaddya think? The DCPs are all aware of the situation with my mom, so it's not like it'll be a total shock. Should I ask them, tell them...what if they say they aren't comfortable with it?
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    You are already sure that no one has an allergy since you already have one cat. I can't imagine anyone objecting to you bringing two more cats in. I would do it, then just casually mention it. It shouldn't be a big deal.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. How are you doing?


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      i wouldn't say anything since you already have a cat. it's not like you don't have a pet and you're buying, oh....a pit bull!

      if someone sees a cat and asks, i'd just be like yeah that's my mom's cat - i had to bring it over while she's sick.

      hopefully things get better soon!


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        Whenever I make changes to my daycare environment - I let the daycare parents know or I ask for their thoughts. IN your situation, with your mom though I wouldnt ASK I would let them all know, especially since you already have a cat - it shouldnt be a big deal.


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          I'd just take the cats!


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            Thanks everyone! I'll mention it to the parents I can today and tomorrow and try to get the cats over the weekend. There's a good chance no one will ever see them, .

            Kendallina, thanks for asking. I'm doing okay...DH finally realized that me crying was NOT going to hurt the baby and let me cry it out on his shoulder one night, and since then I've felt a lot better about everything. It's tough, and I'm still terrified that she's not going to pull through, but only time will tell. It's a day by day, sometimes hour by hour thing right now.
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              Sending love....


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                I am so sorry to hear this news. I hope she starts taking the road to recovery SOON!! I lost my mom when I was a teen, and then I was VERY close to losing my dad in my early twenties. It was a miracle he pulled through his massive heart attack that was caused by kidney failure/blood pressure complications. Thank God a new kidney was all he needed and is now doing much better now that he has MY kidney! LOL
                Sending prayers your way.


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