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    Questions about teething, the normal process of new primary teeth working their way through the gums
    Teeth come in between 6 and 24 months of age

    Main symptoms are increased saliva, drooling and desire to chew on things.
    Occasional symptoms: mild gum pain. Usually, not enough to cause crying or interfere with sleep.
    Does not cause fever, diarrhea, diaper rash, ill appearance or lowered resistance to infection.
    Caution: Blaming teething for fevers can lead to a delayed diagnosis of ear infections, urinary tract infections, meningitis and other infections.
    There are 2 reasons for the onset of infections between 6 and 12 months of age: The loss of transplacental antibodies and the developmental milestone of chewing on everything.

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    I agree.
    Google "mayo clinic teething".
    This is my policy on teething.


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      Originally posted by DancingQueen View Post
      I do NOT agree with this at all. children CAN get fevers with teething my boys never did but boy my little girl would get fevers of 100 to 101 with her teeth nothing ever over that kids CAN get fevers with teething the one little boy I watch now has his teeth cutting threw he is drooling and a fever of 100 just like 2 months ago when he got 2 other teeth.


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        I don't fully agree either--the increased drool from teething CAN cause runny(er) stools and/or diaper rash, and some kids do run a bit of a fever, but not over 100. I called them "Mommy Fevers" with my DD, because she would feel warm and feverish *to me* but the thermometer didn't really agree. Teething can also cause runny noses (clear snot). Sleep can be interfered with and fussiness is usually increased.

        I believe that the teething symptoms are worse with teeth further back in the mouth, particularly the canines and molars.

        The fact that they toss UTIs, and meningitis in there as examples of what diagnoses can be delayed due to blaming things on teething is um, suspect to me...UTIs and meningitis are NOT common in children, ESPECIALLY infants.
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