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  • How Many Hours do You Work?

    I know most if not all of us probably put in around 50 hours a week(or more). But what about your off time? Haha is there any? How many more hours in an average week do you estimate are 'clocked in' doing daycare related stuff? Planning, extra cleaning, interviewing, organizing, rewriting, and on and on...... Let's not forget meetings and trainings. Oh to have a 40 hour work week.

    Side note, I hope you all add in those extra hours come tax time!

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    Last night I took discrepancy reports home a DCM totally screwed up. (state assistance stuff) My entire evening was redoing her mess.

    In times like these I try to remember what my state rep said to me once, "Pick your battles. If you want to get paid, sometimes you have to do things yourself."


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      I probably add roughly 6 to 8 hours weekly, on top of my 55. That's nuts....


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        I work 50 hours a week with the children, and log another 12-14 or so on nights and weekends.


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          55 hours a week with kids, another 10 or more per week on daycare related stuff.


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            I honestly don't put that many (daycare) hours in after I close. I clean the playroom and pick up other parts of the house, but my dd vacuums for her chore. I do most other things during nap. I do go dc/family grocery shopping on the weekends or Mon. night and do 12 hours, sometimes more, a year of trainings. I work around 50 hours with the kids.

            When I first opened, I put a ton of hours in after closing, but realized that I'd rather have family time after closing rather than doing more dc related things.


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              I work 65 hours a week with kids and log another 10-15 on nights and weekends.
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                Ft time kids... I would average 55 hr/wk. I had my routine down that everything was done half an hour after the kids were picked up.

                When I did only part time for a while(3 days/wk), it was 40-43/week. (still more than a traditional full time job!) there was always something extra to be done outside direct care hours. Part time care is more expensive, per day for a reason.


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                  I work 50 hours a week actually with the kids , about 10 doing the other part of child care , paperwork , training etc..., some weeks it may be more some weeks less .


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                    I work 55 hours per week.

                    I do not do anything work related outside of work.

                    Other than grocery shopping but I do daycare grocery shopping when I'm shopping for home too.

                    I made it a personal rule years ago to NEVER do anything daycare related outside of daycare.

                    It was kind of hard at first. There were so many things that needing doing that I thought it would be impossible to separate myself from daycare.

                    But what I did was eliminate certain things for the first few weeks, then added more things until eventually, I am no longer doing anything daycare related on my off time.

                    It really should be like that.

                    There are VERY few professions out there that are as time consuming as child care but I've learned that is only true is you let it be.


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                      Total it comes out to between 60 & 70 hrs a week.

                      55 of hands on daycare (7am-6pm M-F) then anywhere from 5-15 hrs a week on daycare related stuff after hours.


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                        Total it comes to about 60-65 hours a week. No wonder I'm so ready for Friday by the end of the week!


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                          On average 52.5 hours a week with kids and maybe 2 hours a week max working on other things after hours. I get almost everything done while the kids are here.


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                            I'll accept children from 7-5, but since my rates are based on pick-up times my current schedule is 7:30ish to 3:45... I add about 5 hours onto that for paperwork, cleaning, planning, etc.

                            So right now I'm only working 45ish hours happyface


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                              Starting September I am changing my hours and will only be with dc kids 45 hours a week. I try to do all my dc cleaning during nap time but sometimes it's just not possible. I enjoy cleaning (relaxes me) so I don't even consider the cleaning work.


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