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  • I love Discount School Supply

    I really do, and I forgot to share my good experience with them recently with y'all.

    I own 12 of their angeles value line cots and they are used and treated with love. They certainly aren't thrown around. One corner of them actually broke, which was the oddest thing to us, and so I e-mailed them to ask about replacing it. I let them know I was disappointed because I had counted on them lasting me for the entirety of my career. I offered to pay and asked how much it would be.

    They sent me a new corner for the cot free of charge! It arrived within about 3 weeks time and I HAPPILY threw away that other corner. happyface

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    I love DSS! I've never had to deal with customer service but I find them to be cheaper and quality is just as good. Our state offered a gift card this spring and it was through Lakeshore. I like them too but find them overly expensive and sometimes their quality isn't exactly childproof. I'm sure anything is breakable but to me, for the price it didn't stand up like it should.


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      That's awesome! I have those cots too; good to know DSS will replace broken bits if I ever need it!!!
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