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I Signed Up For School!

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  • I Signed Up For School!

    And I'm so nervous!!

    I got approved for a scholarship that will pay for some of my classes. I have to
    Go to orientation in a few weeks. I'm 33 but I feel So old going back to school!

    I Figured I would start w just one class and see how it goes. I'm going online clases. I haven't been in school since I graduated from high school.

    Any tips?

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    I started back again about a year ago. My advice? Just keep up with the online stuff. In my experience I always had more work with online classes than in a traditional classroom. You'll do fine though and will probably be surprised at how many people are close to you in age. College is so much easier once you get out of the "I need to do every fun thing my friends do, never miss out on anything and drink until I'm drunk" stage of life!


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      I loved online classes! Does your program involve actual classroom seminars that you have to log in to watch at a certain time? Mine was just discussions and assignments, we could do our work anytime of day or night which I loved.


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        I'm 35 and just started this last spring semester. Congrats!

        Online classes are the way to go- but it is A LOT more work than you think it is (or at least than I thought it was). I spend about double the credit hours per week working on my schoolwork (I took 16 credit hours last semester so I worked on schoolwork about 30 hours a week in addition to my job, kids and home making So take it slow so you know how long it is going to take you. My sis only spends about 3/4 of the credit hours working on her schoolwork but she is willing to compromise quality (a B- is fine with her, I want an A)

        But you can do it! Just make sure you plan your weeks well and get study time in whenever you can. I do a lot of the work at nap time, and on the weekends.


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          Great news, congrats! You will do great


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            I loved taking online classes, I even took speech online..
            My biggest piece of advice is to make sure you stay on top of your assignments or it's easy to fall behind.

            I took classes, worked full time, and was essentially a single parent. I'm not going to lie, it was stressful and hard at times, but it's worth it in the end! And don't let your age bother you, many adults are going back to school nowadays! And like nanglgrl said, when you're older, you don't have that mentality that you have to hang out with your friends or do whatever, so it's easier.

            Good luck!


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              I started graduate school when I was 32 and was often the oldest person in my classes, but it never bothered me.

              You'll be fine! And you may have more experience under your belt than some of the younger folks, so your input will be valuable.

              Age is all in your head.......right?

              Good luck!


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                I just went to orientation and I have to say it was interesting!

                I have to go tomorrow for my placement test and I am so worried. I did the sample math test online and I did horrible! I've been trying to brush up on my math (always my weakest subject).

                One thing that I found really interesting is that they also test you on reading and essays. It made me really wonder how all those young kids do well on those tests! It was all about punctuation and grammar and it made me think of the craigslist ads advertising for daycare.

                ...........One thing that will make you go hmmmm - did you all know that high waisted acid washed jeans are in style now?? When did that happen? They look horrible ::::::


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                  Ha, I saw a dress at a popular store for the 20's crowd and I'm 100% sure I owned the same dress in the 90's. Pretty sure some manufacturers are making a killing cleaning out old warehouses.


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