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  • Moving Update

    So I found a place. Just got my fire inspection on my empty home... But we passed...

    So far all of the parents but 1 are super excited about our move.

    I wanted to have an open house night once the daycare is set up so that the kids can come play and will be able to see the new place before they start....

    I have a lot of work cut out for me...

    In planning this open house, my DH wants to BBQ and have drinks.... I am all for the BBQ, but I am not to keen on the "DRINKS".

    I say it's DC related, no drinking, he says it's a butt kissing party we need to go all out.

    My hubby works with me and knows all of these families, some have been with us for 5+years...

    help on this......

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    Congratulations, so exciting!!

    I would serve normal beer and maybe some prosecco if you're into that. But I'm not in the states and I know some people are weird about that. What are your parents like?


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      I personally wouldn't serve alcohol because people will be there with their kids and you don't want them driving home "tipsy" with their child(ren) (well, not at all, but especially with their kids.) I understand what your husband is saying, especially because I think you mentioned you live in an upper class area and they might be used to having wine, etc. at social functions. However, I would keep it family-friendly just to minimize the liability.


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        I do a Winter holiday open house every year - neighbors, friends & daycare families all in one . I offer non alcoholic punch or Virgin drinks as long as there is even one family with a child there… Why? Because they are my daycare parents. It is business in a way and I want to have fun, but be professional in front of EVERYONE. You can BBQ & offer non alcoholic beer and punch…

        I don't want someone having a drink or two then drive off and have an accident, it would come back to bite me & the business. Now I do ocassionally have a glass of wine after with a friend or two, but only if all my business families are gone. Explain to him you still have to cover your ass because of the children (you don't know how these parents act after a few drinks, do you want to really chance it?).


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          Personally I'd do soft drinks, water, tea-not alcohol though. That's me though.


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            Thanks for the feed back ladies.... Yes, I agree that no alcohol. I just told my hubby I wanted to keep it professional I didn't even think about the liability that it would cause...

            Thanks so much for responding. I am trying to deck this place out on a budget so that we keep everyone..... I know that it is wrong to stay somewhere because of the material things, but welcome to CRAZY CALIFORNIA.....

            yes, my love, hugs, healthy foods and safe place is not enough for these people!!!


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              Yeah, I agree with you and the others for the reasons already given - no alcohol since it's business related.


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                I might offer some nice micro-brews or something, but not enough that any one person could be drunk. Like 12 people coming so you get a 12 pk and maybe 1 bottle of wine. Going completely dry may put off the vibe that you don't trust them to be adults and decide for themselves. Sometimes that is the case when it come to our liability, but we don't want to seem prudish and untrusting.
                I wouldn't go full bar, mixed drinks and margarita machine or anything, but some select beers and wines would be tasteful.


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                  Alcohol is too much of a liability, IMHO. Personally, I would NOT mix kids and alcohol. I don't understand why people can't enjoy themselves and have a good time without alcohol.


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                    Originally posted by sharlan View Post
                    I don't understand why people can't enjoy themselves and have a good time without alcohol.
                    It's not that we can't, it's that we don't want to.

                    No, but seriously, for a lot of people it's just normal to have adult drinks at an event. My wedding was dry out of respect for my in-laws, who are teetotalers and my Irish friend was just aghast. He'd literally never been to or heard of a dry wedding.


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                      We do all of our events dry, but I think it's because neither me or my dh drink and I HATE spending the money on it. Plus, if it is not all gone at the end of the party, it just sits on the top shelf in my pantry for ages.

                      BUT I have been to plenty of other kid parties that serve alcohol. I went to a dcg's birthday party where there were only 4 kids (half of which were mine : and about 12 adults, all of which were drinking mixed drinks mid-afternoon (except me). It wasn't weird or anything, but I admit I was hanging out with the kids more than the adults .


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                        how else are they going to be able to tolerate their kids.......... JK

                        My husband said what Twin said....let them be adults and limit the amount..

                        I run the BIZ I said NO.... N. Has spoken....


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                          i know you decided but--i would spin it as an open house for the kids--and you wouldn't serve alcohol at a children's function now would you?
                          Hee hee! Look, I have a signature!


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                            Originally posted by SilverSabre25 View Post
                            i know you decided but--i would spin it as an open house for the kids--and you wouldn't serve alcohol at a children's function now would you?
                            yes more good points silver.....


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                              I also would not serve alcohol.Use the liability issue.Offer punch or lemonade and ice tea a lot of people offer small bottled water for everyone to.Cookout sounds fun and showing off the new place should be your goal.Have a great time and good luck with the new place.


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