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A Kid That Repeats Everything

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  • A Kid That Repeats Everything

    Anyone have any advice? I have a 4 year old who repeats almost EVERYTHING my 3 year old says, especially when he is talking to me. They get along great and stuff, I just don't understand it. He even repeats "Hi, Mama!" if my son says it. He started calling me Mama because of it.
    I keep telling him not to repeat my son, but he keeps doing it. Any suggestions?
    For a long time, he was a LOT slower than everyone else. He was basically where my son was for about a year and a half and I think they're at the same stage now, too.

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    Are you close enough to the mom to suggest (gently) an evaluation? SOunds like possible echolalia
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      I had this kid. he would repeat everything everyone said...

      He was a huge TV watcher and all he knew how to do was memorize everything buy hearing it over and over.

      I got him to stop by doing it back to him or ignoring it all together. I would just walk to the other room. OR I would ignore him and say GO PLAY....

      NOW when he had something good to say that he came up with on his own, I would make sure I gave him 100% of my attention eyes ears and facing him., He just wanted attention.