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What Influenced You to Work With Children

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  • What Influenced You to Work With Children

    what influenced you to work with children.

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    my reason for working with children

    When I gave birth to my first daughter in 1990, I worked with my now ex-husband, and his family, in their western wear/tack business.
    For the first year I took my daughter to work with me each day.
    I breastfed her, so it was important to me that she be with me, not in childcare.
    When she was 11 months old, I enrolled her in a small home childcare, operated by a dear friend of the family.
    However, my daughter is a severe asthmatic, so I was missing allot of work to care for her.
    Eventually I made the decision to become a REGISTERED home daycare, with the help of my friend.
    My decision was based on the need to continue to earn an income, but also be home with my daughter.
    My second daughter was born in 1994. In late 2000 I began the process of becoming a LICENSED daycare rather than a REGISTERED home.
    I am now in my 17th year of childcare.
    My great grandmother was a school teacher.
    My aunt was a school teacher, and both of my sisters are elementary school teachers.


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      I started out in 2001, as I had my daughter. I had stayed home with the three older children but had went and got a job. I was totally adjusted to the additional income from this job, but still wanted to stay home with her. LOL I had a friend that did the home daycare and she helped me to get licensed and Ive loved it ever since. Some days are harder than other, but its worth it to me everyday.


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        When I was little I wanted to be a teacher, but once I hit junior high and saw how kids treated their teachers I changed my mind. I had my daughter when I was in H.S., and needed to do something with my life. I went on to college and got an electronics degree. I got hired at a company where I worked 12 hour shifts 3 or 4 days a week, so the other half of the week I was home with my daughter, then my son when he was born. On my days off I watched a friend of mine's three girls one day in exchange for her watching my (one) daughter three days. Another nail in the coffin was when I was home for three months (due to a dirtbike accident causing me to have knee surgery) and got to spend soooo much time with my kids. These two things combined with my love for children and the enjoyment I get when I see their little light bulbs go off when they learn something convinced me that I should open my home to children.
        Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.


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          What made me want to be a daycare teacher.

          I guess it all started when my grandmother cared for me and my sister when I was in second grade. She babysat for a few little ones, and I loved to help her out. Then, when I was in high school I took childcare classes (child development, advanced child development, and child guidance). In the child guidance class we had a "mini" daycare where we learned to plan a curriculum, and actually watched over some children (with our teacher as the head director of course). I loved those courses. My senior year, I almost went for the career center child course, but I had scheduling conflicts that wouldn't allow me to do so. So, I pretty much always wanted to be a teacher and/or own a daycare. I got a little off course when the college I went to lied to me about their classes. I told them I wanted to work in a daycare or have my own, and they told me I could take Retail Management (which in their opinion was the same as Daycare Management, the only difference was that daycare is a service, and retail sells a product). But I didn't have any options other than that. My high school didn't help me find the right college, and didn't tell me when the SATs were, so I kinda got screwed. But, when I get the money I hope to find the right college to go to and follow my dream.


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            I worked in a center right out of highschool, then was married, baby sat in my home for a year or so,.. then after the birth of my second, I got a job outside the home, took my kids to a friend for daycare. I got off work early on the third day and went to pick them up,.. my 4 mo old was still in the carseat from when I dropped her off that morning,.(four hours later). My son was parked in front of the tv, and the friend was tanning on the back patio,.. while my kids were just basicly sitting waiting for me to get them, the baby had not been out of her snowsuit yet,... and was poopy up her back. It took everything I had to leave without harming the "friend" and I never left them again,... so other than a brief 3 day period, Ive done childcare since May of 1990. I swore to my kids that day I would never let anyone neglect them again.


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              I had my first daughter July 2008 and when I was about to go back to work I burst into tears about not wanting to leave my baby with ANYONE. The next day I looked into the requirements for becoming a licensed child care provider, and within 5 months I had my license and had started at it fulltime.


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