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Do You Text With Parents?

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    Originally posted by Crystal View Post
    no texting. cannot stand the phone. screen calls and call back if important, otherwise talk daily at drop off and pick up.
    I screen my calls too, esp since i get telemarketers calling all the time.


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      I don't know, maybe its just me, but i find texting rude, esp. in a business. If there was a problem I would rather deal with it face to face or talk to a real person than send a message. I usually talk to parents at pick up or drop off time, if its important and I forget, I call them later and the parents really prefer this.


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        I do text with the parents and they are doing the same thing. I found it is so much easier for me to use communicate with them. I do talk to them during pick up/drop off with no problems. I do not have phone landline at all but I do have a video phone with sign language communicate. Cell phone is only for my business that I need to use text and I can claim on my taxes that IRS cannot do anything about it since I am deaf myself. :: My husband have another cell phone so it is for personal things.