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Does Anyone Give Parent Kick Backs?

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  • Does Anyone Give Parent Kick Backs?

    I give my parents one week free a year (after they have been here a minimum of 6 months). But I am thinking about throwing in a date night (once monthly) or some kind of referal bonus. Meaning if they refer someone and that family stays a minimun of atleast 3 months giving the family a $25 gift card?!

    Does anyone do these or something similar? What is the feedback from it with the parents?


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    I give a $25 gift card to Target or Wal-mart to a family if they refer and the new family stays for 6 months. If the new family is part time, I have given $15. Usually depends how full the pocketbook is at the time, but I do try to reward for the referral somehow. Parents are our best advertisers so I think it is a wise investment.


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      I don't neccesarily "offer" it, but on many occasions I have had a DCK stay the night, for various reasons - new sibling being born, parent night out, etc. I never charge for it, I do it to show that I appreciate them. I also hosted a saturday picnic at Apple Hill a couple of weeks ago for all of our children and families. I provided the food and drinks, and we had a great time. We decided to make it an annual event.

      I also offer current families a $50 referral bonus when a new family they referred enrolls and pays their second payment for services. But, that doesn't happen often, because I rarely have openings - they all have been with me forever!

      I'm glad you brought this up, I think it is important to show our families that we value them and appreciate them when they are loyal and respectful of us!


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        blackcat....LOVE your avatar!


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          Originally posted by Crystal View Post
          blackcat....LOVE your avatar!
          Thanks...was looking for something new that fits my user name. I found it at There are millions of clip art that you can download for free in any catagory you can imagine!!! I just know I will spend hours on that site...I usually make my own stationary and business cards etc, plus I am a scrapbooker so if anyone is interested check out the link! It is cool!


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            COOL! Thanks for sharing.....

            (sorry for off topic)


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              i offer parent nights out twice a month normally

              i also keep kids for sleepovers with my son or when a new baby comes,etc..and no fee


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                Wow you are generous with a one wk free! I would never offer that, LOL

                I offer date nights, but at a special reduced price. My normal rate for night care is my ot rate of $10/he but when I run these special date nights 1 night a month, I offer care from 6-11 for $25.

                I also offer a "moms day out" out once a month on a sat or sun, from 12-4, and that is also offered at a reduced fee of $25, instead of my weekend ot rate of $10/hr.

                The last thing I run is a "let me cook for you night" where I make a pasta dish and send it fee for that one, LOL.

                And I also baked every parent a halloween cake and sent home a goody bag for the kids filled with treats and small gifts.

                I figure what I am doing is enough!


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                  I also offer a free week of care as a referral bonus.

                  "If I fill a full time vacancy in my daycare with a referral from you, your oldest enrolled child will receive one free week of care. The free week will be honored at the end of the referred child’s third month of paid care."

                  I guess I should change the "oldest enrolled child" part since now I have a flat rate across the board instead of charging by age group.


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                    I don't offer weekend or overnight care, and I have also never really been asked. It's been hinted at, but thats about it.

                    I really like the "Let Me Cook For You" idea. I could whip up some sort of pasta dish during naptime, and throw in some garlic bread. I'd like it if someone did that for ME. I might have to start thinking about that.

                    So, no, I guess I don't offer any kickbacks.


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                      I do coupons or little things money wise once and awhile. Like this year I gave coupons for 5 free days used ONLY for THEIR vacations ( trying to get them to spend time with their kids on their days off instead of sending them)

                      Also, am giving them all a $25 fee reduction for the week of Christmas. And have always had Good Friday off paid, but have decided to allow it to be a non-paid holiday.

                      When I hit the first year mark a couple of years ago I gave them a $50.00 off any week coupon...

                      they love the coupons..My parents are all about saving the I usually only do money off things..


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                        Once a year, in early December, I do a Parents' Night Out. The children are invited to my house one Saturday from 3pm until 8pm for a pyjama party. They come in their pjs and we do a fun craft, order pizza or have breakfast for dinner, they play and we watch a Christmas movie with popcorn and hot chocolate. The parents are encouraged to go out for dinner or do some Christmas shopping, go to a movie, etc. Anything but clean the house I offer this evening, free of charge, as a way to show my appreciation to my clients for another great year and a thanks for being such great clients. It's a fun evening for me, the parents appreciate it and the kids LOVE it, .
                        Doing what I love and loving what I do.


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                          I have thought about doing a referral bonus and a once per month Parents' Night Out. I'll probably enact the referral bonus sometime soon, and the Parents' Night out in about a year when most of my kids (assuming they're all still with me) are older and lower maintenance--I was thinking junk for dinner (nuggets/fries, pizza, ice cream for dessert, stuff we don't usually eat at daycare!) and then playing/watching a movie until they crash. Friday night 6 to 11 for $20 or $25.

                          I like some of the other suggestions on here too, like Let Me Cook For You and the Christmas Season one.
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                            I give all of my families 1 week free and a 2nd at half rate for vacations after they've been with me for 6 months also (if they are part-time then get the number of days that they are contracted for i.e. 3 days a week of care = 3 days of vacation). On top of that I have a $50 refferal bonus that I give if they refer me to someone and that someone signs up and stays for 1 month. I deduct the $50 from the weekly rate.