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Darkening a room

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  • Darkening a room

    I need to come up with something that I can tack over the 2 windows where the under 2's sleep. I currently have blinds up, but that does not keep the light out enough for them to sleep. They are constantly hanging on the edges of the pack in plays and looking at one another, and sleep has become rare these past days. I need to get the room really really dark....any suggestions as to what I can use?

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    back when my husband use to work nights, he cut out a couple pieces of cardboard and put them in the windows. Worked great. easy to pull down and put behind dresser or something out of the way.


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      duck tape ...JKJKJK

      cardboard sounds good or the room darkening blinds, tho i find they dont work really...or a dark blanket??


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        They have blackout curtains you could put infront of the blinds. I got some last year at target.


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          I got black out curtains as well...mine are from and they were pretty cheap, look nice, and are very effective!


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            I know it doesn't look great but I just use those hooks that just stick to the wall (can't think of the brand right now) and hang large dark colored blankets over our 2 windows for nap. Not very attractive but that and some sleep music and I have 7 that nap 2-3hrs so I'll take it .