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Do You Have Enrollment Fees for B4 & After School Kids?

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  • Do You Have Enrollment Fees for B4 & After School Kids?

    I recently started this policy based on some feed back I have gotten here, and I am really glad I did since it does allow me to buy some things that I need for the kids, but do you also do this when you have before/after school kids too? Doesnt really seem like they need any supplies really, and I charge $50 for dc kids, and this seems to high for these kids considering thats what I'm charging for the wk. I suppose I could lower it for them to like $25 maybe. I suppose it would help with buying snacks, and maybe a few older kids toys, but I dont want to scare off anybody either since for some reason these slots are extremely hard to fill around here!

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    Absolutely! I live directly across the street from an Elementary school, and given our districts bussing policies etc, many families are interested in having before/after school care. Therefore, I require school agers to not only pay registration fees, but they agree per contract to be responsible for all paid holidays Labor Day thru Memorial Day, full daily/weekly rate for Christmas and Spring Break/Teacher inservice days (whether in attendance or spending the day with Grandma), or they will be passed over for another family willing to pay those fees/rates. I also let them know if a school ager with attached full time preschooler comes along, I will bump them.