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Kidney Tables VS. Rectangular Tables

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  • Kidney Tables VS. Rectangular Tables

    I saw this kidney table for only $200 that is 48" by 72" and is adjustable in height. How many children can sit at this table if I'm in the center?
    The standard size is 20-30 inches in height....good for 2-6 year olds?

    I think it would be cool to have this special shaped table so I can help the children with projects, but if I buy it I would also want to use it for lunch. I will usually have 6 children who will need to sit down and eat as I'm assuming at least one at all times will be bottle fed still....maybe two, .

    The rectangular table is $152 that is 36" by 72" and is also adjustable in height. How many children do you think would fit comfortably here too? If I got the wider table, it would be 42" by 72" for $201, so about the same price and size as the kidney shaped table, but more seating space obviously. What are your recommendations?

    I am going to buy those classic stacking chairs that we all had in elementary school. We currently use them at daycare center and it's so easy to clean them and stack them and have the kids stack and unstack them before/after lunch to clean the floor very fast!

    The site I got this information from was:

    Let me know if you find them cheaper! PS, I never looked to see what shipping was, that will make a huge difference I'm sure!
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    I am guessing the kidney table would seat 5-7, and I would think it's good for 2-6 yo kids.

    I like kidney tables better, more access to all the kids without reaching over others.


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      I need to measure the height of the table and chairs at our daycare center. The youngest who sits there is almost two and we have a couple of 7 and 8 year olds who fit perfect also. I think the chairs are about 12-14 inches in height and the table I think is larger than the "toddler sized" table on that web site because the toddler sized table height was 16-24 inches, so why not get the 20-30 inch table if it's going to be 20 inches at all times? LOL, so specific I know, but I pay attention to the details and long-term cost of the furniture. Please let me know any other good sites for these tables! THANKS


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        the only time i really insisted on using a kidney table was when teaching reading to K/1 kids. i could see them all, see their books, see their mouths moving, etc.

        other than that, it really didn't matter to me if it was rectangular or a circle table.


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          day care lady

          I have had both shapes. I loved both but the rectangle table is much easier to move around if you should decide to change your space now and then. The kidney shape is harder to place in some of my areas.


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