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  • KinderMat and Storage

    I've been researching what to have toddlers/preschoolers take a nap on while at daycare. I will only need six or seven total and want to be able to store them easily, yet be comfortable for the children. I also want something that I can replace quickly if I needed to, so I looked into KinderMat brand sleeping mats. They have two sizes they sell at our local Wal-Mart.

    Red/Blue KinderMat 1"X19"X45" $8.88
    Green/Blue KinderMat 2"X19"X44" $13.44

    Question 1: Thickness
    Would you recommend the one or two inch thick mat? I was leaning towards the two inch thick mat, but when I researched online the web site said that young children do not require the additional inch of padding for naptime.

    Question 2: Fitted Sheet/Blanket
    Is it necessary to cover the KinderMat before the children lay on it or is it fine just to lay directly on the mat and bring their own blanket to cover up with?

    Question 3: Storage/Sanitary
    The mat folds into quarters. I was thinking if I just fold it in half so the side the children sleep on fold together it would prevent their mats from touching each others while in storage. Would this be considered sanitary if I did this and just cleaned them and washed the fitted sheets/blankets weekly?

    Thanks so much...if you recommend the use of another item besides KinderMat, please share! KinderMat also offers 2 inch thick non-folding mats in 5 colors that are 2" x 22" x 48" and look really adorable for only $22 each. I'm just not sure how to store them and what to use to clean them to keep it up to guidelines.
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    2" mat is more comfortable ad does not wear down as quickly as the 1" mat.
    Use sheets, otherwise they sweat and slobber directly onto the mat. I still wipe them down with after using though.
    If you wipe them down, you can fold them however. My mats are red on one side, blue on the other. When putting them out for nap I always put "blue on bottom" (easy to remember) then fold them with the red part inside since that is the part they sleep on.


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      Do you wash the sheets everyday then? What do you use to wipe down the mats? Thanks!


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        They sell Kindermats at Walmart?? Really??? Are they in the Walmarts in all the different states? I ask because I am in Canada and LOVE the kindermats but always have a hell of a time getting one when I need a replacement. Now I could just skip across the border!

        I use the 2 inch. WAY better!

        The covers are a rip off and you can make your own very inexpensively and easily. I made large pillow-case type fitted sleeves with a blanket sewn to one end and a matching pillow. If you buy "ends" of fabrics you can usually sew up a cover complete with blanket and pillow for about $5 each.


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          I have the kindermats and they are easy to store I have only found them in Walmart at back to school to time. I store mine in the rubbermaid bins with the drawers and I wash them daily with bleach water so far I have had mine two years and they are in good shape


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            After buying my mats online, I discovered Walmart & Target had the mats for back to school! Oh well.
            I have two inch mats, they are super comfortable!
            I use crib sheets, they work just fine. I fold them up and store in our front playroom's closet. I wash the crib sheets once a week.


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              The one inch mats from Target and Walmart are pure junk....they did not last 1 full school year, Sept to Sept.....and they were treated very delicately. Where they folded the vinyl split. They are junk and not worth the $8 a piece, unless you want to replace year after year.


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                BTW, I don't use kindermats...I have one that I got at target and I use it for diaper changing. the quality is pretty poor and the vinyl rips easily. I buy mine from Discount school supply. The 2" mat is only $1.50 more than the kindermat, they are germ resistant, and they last a long time. (I've had mine for three years and they are still in excellent shape) You get free shipping if you spend $79 and you'll have them in two to threedays (usually)

                Here is a link:


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