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    Here is my question for you. I also have the 4 yr girl that is at my house from 6 to 6 (or later) 5 days a week. Her mom is totally taking advantage of the situation. She was my first girl I ever had and I started watching her before I had any sort of contract. She quit coming for a couple of months and when she came back I saw this as my opportunity to give her my contract and get the hours under control. (I charge an extra $3 an hr after 10 hrs.)

    Mom and dad don't understand why they have to fill out the paper work if I am not licensed. I told her that it is still my business and I pay taxes, also there is a medical release and I feel much better if I had it 'just in case'. Mom works at the hospital so she is not worried about it.

    Anyway, I have not been charging the extra $3 an hour because I don't think she has read the contract AND she overpays me sometimes. I only charge when they are here. This week she was only here 1 day and she paid me for 3. "because anywhere else she would have to pay a minimum of 3 days".

    Please help!! This is the only parent that has kids here past 4:30. My family is super busy at night (softball, tball etc.) Mom says I can drop the little girl off at their house if I want (the 13 year old sister is home). I don't feel that is my job.

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    you said you only charge when she is there, but the mom still pays you for 3 days even if she only comes one, etc.

    so which one is worth more - getting the extra 6 bucks a day from charging $3for anything over ten hours - or her paying you for time she doesn't even use since your policy is that she doesn't have to?

    if you start charging the $3 per hour, you can forget about getting paid on days she doesn't come from then on out.

    you said you don't feel it's your job to drop the kid off at home. if it would make your life easier - you could make it your job by charging her for you to do that. i have a kid that i take home and what i get paid makes it well worth it.


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      My thing is not about the money. I don't want the kids at my house 12+ hrs a day. The extra $3 an hour after 10 hours is there only to discourage parents from leaving their kids here for that long. I don't need the money either way. I am bringing in a lot more than I need. The money is nice by not necessary. I would rather have the time with my own kids.


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        PS. I have debated with her about over paying me. I have told her that nobody else does and that I don't require it. She says she would have to pay it anywhere else. I say that is one of the perks of coming to me. I am about going to argue so many time before I just take the money.


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          Well this is the nice thing about running your own get to set the hours that you want to work

          I would simply send a letter to ALL of your clients stating that effective (insert date) your daycare will be closing at 4:30 - or whatever time you want to close! And either raise your late pick-up fees so high that it will discourage this mom from keeping her kids later...or do as I do, and simply don't tolerate late pick-ups....after the third one, they're terminated. If this is too much of an issue for this mom, then she'll give you her notice and find other daycare.

          But I don't blame you - I've had parents tell me to go ahead and drop off their child at home, grandmas, or whatever. I'm not going to add that hassle to my days either


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            Thanks Pammie, That is a great idea!!


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              is she leaving her there just because or is she working? most people that work at the hospital do work 12 hours shifts.

              did you agree to 12 hours?


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                She works 8's. 7am to 3:30


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                  Originally posted by Momma In MT View Post
                  She works 8's. 7am to 3:30
                  Why does she wait that long to pick up? You need to change her care hours pronto! I would not feel comfortable dropping off to a 13 year old either.


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                    I typed up a summer news letter to send home with the kiddo's today. One of the topics being that I need to have all the kids picked up by 5:00.

                    Guess which one kid did not show up today and did not call. Mom called me tonight in the middle of a softball game with my kids. I didn't answer and she did not leave a message. I am curious to see if they show up tomorrow. GGRRR!!


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                      You need to change your contract, not to reflect your starting and ending times. I changed mine this Jan. to work and commute times only!!!!! It is great!!!


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                        You need to put your foot down with her it sounds like she is trying to run your buisness tell her ASAP she can not return till she signs a contract you also need to have set hours and stick to those hours. WTH is her kid there till 6 if she is off at 3:30 parents like that I cant stand. Im open from 7am till 5:30 pm but in my contract I leave these spaces blank and ask the parents what time they need daycare for so one drops off at 7:30 and picks up at 5:30 and another drops off at 8am and picks up at 5:15 so you see there is no time for them to shop, etc..


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