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  • Stroller for 6?

    So we have a great neighborhood park but it's a good hike from my home. I have a basic wagon that fits 2 and then a single push stroller that I've used when it's just my girls and one dck but in the next few weeks I will be filling up and by April 5th will have 5 dck (4 FT and 1 PT) and I'd love for us all to be able to head to the park once or twice a week.

    I'm looking at one of those huge strollers that fits up to 6+ kiddos and just wondering if anyone has one or uses one or if anyone uses that rope with the handles attached for nature/neighborhood walks with the dck.

    I'd love to get out but just want it to be as safe as possible.

    BTW parents have all signed waivers for neighborhood walks to the park.

    I'd have to save up for it but maybe something like this....

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    Ooh I like this idea! I was laso looking into buying something like this for my DC littles but I was looking at something thats much bigger than that stroller type. It's a buggy like this:

    The problem I was thinking about besides the rediculous price tag (you can find it for $1400-$1700 on amazon) was how big and bulky it is and how much garage space it would take up. I'm also curious how easy it is to maneuver something this size up and down a street with a slight incline or up and down curbs when crossing a street and such.

    Your stroller idea I had never seen before. That's awsome. It would fold up which would save space. I just don't know how I'd convince my 4+ year-olds back into a stroller. The price is way better than the one that I found too. Psht... way better. I wonder if it's easy to handle.

    I tried the rope thing with the handles but unless you know for sure that none of the kids are going to let go I wouldn't trust them on a busy street. I did a practice run around the block and 2 of my DC littles kept letting go (always the 4+ onesv)

    My fix? I just bought animal backpacks with the leads. Don't judge me! I get looks all of the time when I use them and comments about how kids shouldn't be on leashes "Hey lady, kids aren't dogs". My respons is always the same "I'd rather have you judge me and keep these kids safe than have a dead child." Then they just stare. I have frogs, monkeys and puppies.

    I take the lead off of the backpack and loop it through the rope handle then reconnect the backpack so that the harnesses are attatched to the rope lead. Kids have a little more wiggle room and I ask the first child to be the leader that way I only have to direct one child. I walk in the rear and give directions to the lead child. I feel better being able to walk them and see them rather than having to walk backwards or not be able to see them behind me. We're a choo-choo-train when we put these on. Seems to work the best. When we tried to be a wiggly worm the worm parts all wanted to wiggly in different directions. It was chaos. We went back to being a train ::. Just another of my quirky ideas.


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      At my old preschool, when we'd have two teachers we'd use the double strollers for the toddlers and a rope for the older (3 & up) ones for a walk around the block. But if we headed for the park, we couldn't use the strollers because of the hill we had to go up. They'd be too heavy to push up the long hill, and it would wear the teachers out too much. But we could go with the 3-5 yr olds just using the rope.They were "trained" to use the rope and knew if they let go they couldn't go. We just used a regular rope with knots in it, and instructed them to hold onto their knot.
      However, at the preschool I'm at now, when we even take a walk down the drive way (it's a long paved drive), too many of them let go and run ahead. Or someone tries to hold the rope and run ahead at the same time, pulling the smaller ones down in the process. So for them, it doesn't work so well. I'd say go with a rope if you know your children will listen well, and follow instructions. They can be "trained" also, but it would take a lot of walks where it's safe (maybe around the yard?), several times and make sure they all go back inside immediately if they let go of the rope. Then try again the next day. Each time have the same consequence if they let go. But each group of children is different and some may not be trained until they're at least 4 (or that's been my experience, anyway).


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        I have also looked at the Turtle for 4 or 6. They are VERY expensive and you couldnt take it anywhere on a field trip unless you had a trailer or something. Only good for neighborhood walks so I dont know if its worth the price.


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          I've used a 6 seater at the daycare center I worked at before. Pretty easy to use, but I'm not sure of the age of the children you have. It starts getting pretty heavy the bigger you are, and I'm sure it has a weight limit per seat.

          I used it a lot with all 1 year olds and it was really easy to use. The 2 year olds got heavier but with all 3 year olds it was hard. Maybe a new one might work nicer.

          At the daycare once they were 3 they learned to walk holding hands.

          Tip, I found it easier to push with the smallest kids at the top/back, plus since they are the smallest, you want them to be where you can see and deal with them easier. Plus it seemed to move better with the weight in the front more then the back.

          I've also used a 4 seat one kinda like the one posted above. The two seats in the front could be turned to face you or the other way. But that one didn't have turning wheels in the front, so it was hard to turn. It also had a weight limit and was for the young children (i'm thinking like 25-30 lbs or so)


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            When I walk my daughter to preschool, the 3 youngest sit in a wagon and the 2 oldest have harnesses with a lead. I have gotten quite a few unkind looks/comments, but like it was said in an earlier post, I'd rather have them safe. The kids don't mind. I have the oldest, lead the way, with the 2nd oldest holding on to the leader, and I hold on the 2nd one's lead. Works well for us.


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              That would be a good idea...I have seen these before that are very sturdy but WOW they are like $1400!!


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                A 6 seat stroller would be a problem to control unless it was used indoors on a flat surface. The thought of controlling a heavy stoller with 6 children and trying to stop on a incline is worrisome. If it were powered and had bike brakes I could see its outdoor use. There are a couple patents for:

                - Infant stroller safely propelled by a DC electric motor having controlled acceleration and deceleration. -

                A self-propelled motorized infant stroller powered by DC electric motors with safely controlled acceleration and deceleration. As a discrete safety function, the controlled acceleration and deceleration prevents the child occupant from lurching, either forward or backward, upon the starting or stopping of the baby carriage. A single speed control dial establishes the setting of the desired traversing speed. The propulsion system is safely controlled through the use of a set of dual handle switches that both must be simultaneously depressed to start the propulsion system. A safety seat harness is used to protect the infant occupant from sliding or climbing out of the carriage seat. Additional safety is provided by a parking brake system to prevent accidental propulsion or any unforeseen stroller movement, particularly when stopped on an inclined surface.

                Sounds like a great idea but I have not been able to find one for sale yet.


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                  Originally posted by michael View Post
                  A 6 seat stroller would be a problem to control unless it was used indoors on a flat surface. The thought of controlling a heavy stoller with 6 children and trying to stop on a incline is worrisome. If it were powered and had bike brakes I could see its outdoor use.
                  They have hand brakes on them like a 10-speed bike. You just squeeze and it stops.

                  And yeah, if your on a big hill it's going to be hard to control...but don't go down a big hill...getting back up is much harder!! LOL

                  I didn't have any problem controlling it, in all the years I used one.


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                    Originally posted by My4SunshineGirlsNY View Post
                    That would be a good idea...I have seen these before that are very sturdy but WOW they are like $1400!!

                    I've previously owned this stroller which is great but I live where there are lots of hills. Once loaded w/6 kids it is heavy. If you live in an area w/o hills this is great. I didn't pay $1,400 for mine I purchased through Sam's Club for $900. I sold it for the same price.


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                      Originally posted by My4SunshineGirlsNY View Post
                      That would be a good idea...I have seen these before that are very sturdy but WOW they are like $1400!!

                      I volunteered at our YMCA's daycare center and this is the one they had. It was awesome.


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                        Our center has a two seater standard stroller side-by-side. We attach a walking rope just like Jon and Kate plus 8 used for their kids with 10-12 circles for the kids to put their arm through (works better for the young ones to put it up to their elbow than asking them to hang onto it) and they each had a color so we knew exactly where each child needed to be. Helped for those who complained "So-and-so keeps stepping on me, etc....make walks a lot easier. We just attached the walking rope to the handle on the stroller and brought out a dozen kids. Usually only one would let go, but we stopped everytime until they hung on again. Our walks are slow anyways and we play I-Spy games like "I spy a red door" and they look for a red house door in the neighborhood.


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                          Not sure how old your kids are, but have you thought about the choo choo wagon from Step2? I know you can at least pull five kids. And the kids love it. It is being released in October.


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                            I don't know if there are any busy streets to cross, or how old your kids are; but are some of them old enough to ride a tricycle or bike with training wheels? I have 5 kids total during the day including my own, youngest 2.5. All of them but my youngest ride their bikes when we walk to the park (it's a good distance, but they never complain!). But then again my neighborhood is quiet and there are no busy streets to cross. I have them bike in front of me, with one of them being the leader, so I can see every one of them at all times. They can't travel ahead of the group, and the leader is old enough that he knows to stop at every corner and wait for me so we can look both ways together before crossing the street.


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                              I have that stroller

                              I have that stroller!! I love it, I take my daycare kids to the park everyday. I especially like that I can hang tricycles on it and toys. I even have my own folding chair I can hang on it to sit with the babies in the shade. This stroller is worth every dime. I LOVE IT!!! It even folds-up and fits in the trunk of my mini van. I've had it for 2 years and it has held up wonderfully.